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  1. Ervi

    McLaren boys don't know the teams on the grid.

  2. Ervi

    I am disappointed that none of them said Andrea Moda.

  3. Ervi

    0:40 F1 forgot to add Alpine.

  4. FlowzIncore

    Max´s reaction to the question at 0:18 after a few seconds of silence is priceless.

  5. HaaS-19

    11:24 tfw ferrari starting to sandbagging

  6. Dr Thuganomics

    what about the other 3 guys on F2 fighting for the title? Another season of F2 or they become test drivers

  7. Bob Batons

    Am I wrong that all times he collided with Perez, it was Checo's fault?

  8. Jeroen Bons

    Just... Confidence.. Feeling.. and..Rhythm - cit. from Max Verstappen in Netflix Formula 1 Series Drive to Survive 2 - chapter 5 'High Expectations'. -- describing formula one racing -

  9. John Ring

    2:04 Christian Menath!! :D

  10. Stxphens

    1:34 wow vettle

  11. Elijah Gabriel

    The voice of Martin Brundle's son is almost a carbon copy of his own.



  13. Broks Kii

    Max has shown a lot of maturity I think this year so far. I'm a huge Lewis and Merc fan but I can admit this year feels different with Max he's onto something here might be his year considering also all the politics behind Red bull and Mercedes including staff recruitment issues between Toto and C. Horner. This will be Lewis greatest challenge since Rosenberg I believe, he needs to dig deep and find that hunger again else they gonna get toasted by Max and Horner's Redbull. Well F1 fans fasten your seat belts and get ready for the RUMBLE!!

  14. example 2844

    Yuki Tsunoda had the best first car. Saying it now

  15. Davy Shah

    It's a Formula 1 music video and there's no Kimi 😒

  16. Κωνσταντίνος Παπαευαγγελίου

    Max Verstapen is better

  17. Narendra Narwariya

    The lawrence guy is not made for f1 Bring up someone smart @f1

  18. Shoggi _

    The most dangerous in 2021 is … But why Mazepin

  19. Jarub

    It‘s unbelievable that with such a big oversteer you can still get pole in a merc

  20. J J

    he got that from sim :D

  21. Jess

    Whoever wins this challenge will be world champion this year.

  22. Anna Venturi

    bel video lando norris george russell alex albon complimenti mi piace molto .

  23. Anna Venturi

    i like f1 2021

  24. William Belling

    Alpine acedamy?

  25. chemyshkin

    Small moves make the differences, yes, George, LIKE PLACING YOUR MASK ONE OR TWO INCHES BELOW WHERE IT SHOULD BE

  26. Gupteswar Singh

    Now we can add George Russell.

  27. Andres Castillo

    I have anxiety attacks at least once a week.

  28. muhammad amir

    feel bad for left wheels they geting smacked to mubh

  29. House Station Live .com

    i'm more interested into weather predictions ^^

  30. Margaux M

    Ferrari: *ventures into the fashion industry* Pirelli: I can do that too *starts making boots* Lewis: Bono, my tyres are gone Pirelli: Shut up Lewis. Here's your pair😅

  31. Noah Garcia

    Flashbacks to cars 1 lol

  32. Paraflow

    It is funny how they obviously cut out mazepin more often than anybody else

  33. Bogdan Vischet

    3:38 When Legends Cried With Happy Tears

  34. Arnav Aggarwal

    Safe to say that this will never happen with Lewis.

  35. Darmawan Fajar

    6:22 i can't stop smiling to see this hilarious moment...🤣🤣

  36. Martina Carreiras

    America is a continent and the US a country. Lando was correct when making a Circle in America.

  37. Andrea White

    I’m from the future, I can tell you he won’t regret it.

  38. Farhan Ahmad Tajuddin

    Looks like we won't be seeing Ocon driving for Mercedes any time soon. Maybe after 2024 we will see that happening.

  39. Alexander tonucci fans

    Legend Nigel mansell

  40. master 82575

    beatiful classic circiut in the forest

  41. Luke C in a HGV

    Take a shot every time someone says “package”

  42. EpicxHeadbutt

    you can take off the mask when talking to the camera man jeez

  43. RobloxGamerKyo

    This was basically handed to checo cuz mercedez had so many problems

  44. erne mex

    MARIACHI rules!!!!

  45. chloé

    Hoping for a strong weekend for McLaren

  46. littlejosh2

    Merc 1-2. You heard it here first

  47. vaisakh AN

    Lewis be like go vegan, animals have a soul too, and then continue to wear lambskin boot.

  48. Ruben van Berg

    How many cars finished this race ?

  49. EverythingTechPro

    Telling SEB can't get a podium from a midfield car and he proves them wrong again. P2 in baku with a car that is like 7th fastest.

  50. Tejas Sharma

    Where's Will ?

  51. Me Me

    Tsunoda genuinely surprised he got his neighbour, S Korea correctly 🤨

  52. hwfejefwjkm

    These masks are triggering me so hard for a year now 😂 - in a series that is known for technical innovations they are still sticking to this fail. It‘s frustrating

  53. Mary Padron

    No, it is not "probably", as you narrate in the video. Senna itself saved the life of Comas, confirmed the doctor and the same Comas. More respect for a hero, please, thank you. 🌹

  54. ishaan rao

    So intense

  55. Turtle Boy

    multi21 seb

  56. SuSmallville

    Netflix = 5 minutes F1 Live = 28 Seconds GEburn = 3 Seconds

  57. Sev

    They always go on about the fans being back. Does anyone watching on tv/online (99.9% of viewers) give a flying FK whether there are fans there or not?

  58. Mohit Kumar

    Happy to see Seb remembered India. The only person to win there

  59. Robert Timbrell


  60. xd_ut-boi

    What are those😷🤡

  61. Mirnes Cajic

    Millie:I am only 14 Kimi:Yes,yes,yes,you dont have to remind me every 10 seconds,i know what i am doing Mille:I am only 14 Fernando:14 years is a yoke,a joke!

  62. CurledOne79

    "Greenland? We don't race in Greenland" -Lando Norris

  63. Juan Camel

    Every Weekend Warm-Up I always wonder how both of the presenter and the cameraman coordinate walking together.

  64. jackykarb13

    i like it

  65. Constant

    Très beau duel entre les deux meilleurs amis (Pierre et Charles) 👏💪

  66. Surya Chandrasekaran

    Kimi does early braking on the corners and then accelarates on the last section. Just found this out.

  67. smrj 2005


  68. Nagen BN

    Another podium for Sebastian 🙏

  69. Ванёк Blogger

    2:33 around she goes

  70. Makayla Moncrief

    Canada is not the USA.........rude lol

  71. PointyTailofSatan

    They should just put the cars on rails and take away the steering completely. Would be much safer. They could use sidings for passing.

  72. John Williams

    Did I miss Bottas saying, ahem, “I’m super, thanks for asking” to Russell after their big shunt earlier this year?

  73. Račko Uroš Pfaifar

    what is with young F1 drivers and the fraze .... BUT UM...