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  1. PointOn1

    Guys this video isn't just a building a bit*h it's about how boys today think that girls are "supposed" to have no attitude, big boobs, a big butt, and a tiny waist, but in reality, everyone has flaws and a different body type. It's also sad that so many women and girls today filter up their photos and make it seem like they look a certain way (and yes most gullible men and boys look at these photos)and think this is how women are supposed to look so when they see something different than that you're automatically "ugly". but guess what, you're beautiful I hope my comment can bring awareness and confidence

  2. Leroy Pothen

    Bella my celebrity crush ☺

    1. A. M.J


  3. Anoushka Rufus

    I came here for Sub Urban...🥰😍.....but he had such a short screen time 😭😭😭😭

  4. pinkballoon200 YT playz Everygame

    *It’s m to the b* *M to the b* *M to the b* *bonk*

  5. Derekh Gomez

    no entendy ni vergas pero ta chidory

  6. RMAGX


  7. Jhodi Evangelista Viray

    Run bitch runnnnn ahhhhhhhhhhhhh hahahha @Bretmanrock voice uuggghhhhh love it. ❣️

  8. Five2nd

    song: about being imperfect and accepting flaws video: filled with nothing but classically hot women so brave

  9. Alya Karaagaclar

    You are soooo talented💜

  10. gaster 100


  11. Olga Ekkerdt


  12. Эⲗυя:3

    Классная песня,мне зашло<3

  13. Franny875 Hd

    Since this is not the place, can you please direct me to the nearest build a bitch

  14. Hades IV

    Efeito Mandela Eu já tinha escutado essa música '-'

  15. Hektōr YT

    Mano eu lembro de eu ouvir essa música um tempo atrás mano

  16. Olga Ekkerdt

    А зачем ти ламаєшся і лета просто монтаж?! - ім’я Серьожа

  17. Laura Callegaro

    Eu ja escutei esa musica com 4 anos juro

  18. *Kittvi_Darwz


  19. Liaelizabeth Lebron

    March perdona

  20. cate Liber

    I just want all of the success for you!!!

  21. Liaelizabeth Lebron

    Me encantan😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 bella poarod

  22. Luis Arturo El piola


  23. Alberto Cortés

    Apoco si pa?

  24. caitlin Ava and Henry

    ZHC!!! I SAW ZHC!

  25. ʕ·ᴥ·ʔJuju chan~ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ

    Eu tenho impressão q ouvi essa música a 7 anos atrás eu em

  26. NickiSpinach

    Finally a TikTok song that is good and has a meaning to it.

  27. Dragon_Eye6132

    This ain't build a dude you don't get to pick and choose 6 pack abs with shoulders to bouncing pecks lite tommy Cruz.

  28. Екатерина Смирнова

    Так стоп там Дина Саева и Рахим???

  29. Carter Li

    u stole that song

  30. Yo Anna

    Please make a lyric video!

  31. MakeitSewwithJess

    Anyone else here after the H3 interview? Girl had me crying and now I am a total fan

  32. Sulaf Saleh

    I found I GEburnr

  33. Alejandro Ake

    I love your song I loved it you are unique beautiful poarch, thank you for sharing this ♥ ️👀

  34. 8-3 Dayanna Pedraza

    surb urban de conserje?? llevo escuchando 10 veces la canción y hasta ahorita lo veo XD, o no se si mis ojos se equivocan -3-"

  35. Mr. Nellik

    Я легнндарен будто винни черти, я очень богатый но пожалуйста купи мерчик

  36. BaconHair

    0:00 he laterally looks like ZHC

  37. syed misbahuddin

    Its funny that the guy was smaking the machine 🤣 😂 😆

  38. Kate Lewis


  39. Keiry Valenzuela

    Love bella poch

  40. Smy

    Well... That escalated quickly And what kind of error does this girl have?

  41. Nikki Valdez

    Hi Bella poarch

  42. R. O. G 18

    Kinda Sub Urban style. I like it!

  43. Kyoto

    Idk why, but I cant stop thinking about the fact that they DID look back when the building exploted

  44. Lumiin0us

    Rae looks so good 😉

  45. Devin

    Ma'am, this is a build-a-bear. Please stop.

  46. DorkyCabello

    0:09 Mia Khalifa

    1. Drosty

      @Wolfie Justin how is that cool

    2. Wolfie Justin

      Oh cool!

    3. Drosty


  47. Hïmæwari Uzumæki U3U

    i have the impression that 'lve head this song before it was relased...

  48. shivanshjagannath

    Bella your this song lyrics like melanie martinez

  49. JHCO


  50. • Tuleeñ Alkøusi •


  51. Deadpool

    She went ⬆️ ⬅️ 👄 ➡️ ⬇️

  52. Meggy Momo

    Ok ummm is that ZHC

    1. Wolfie Justin

      Yea that is.

  53. madeline radcliff

    does anybody else think this song has a melanie vibe to it??

  54. ⚫edits_de_todito⚫


  55. Lidiane Cardoso

    Efeito mandela

  56. Slade Waldo

    Why does everyone like this? 😂

  57. Freedom


  58. Emanuele Rossi

    Gli ho messo like e non ho ancora capito perchè

  59. It's Bivor Rahman

    Lyrics is so impactful 🤔🤔

  60. °•Fourster the deluxe number block 9•°

    Asian build a beach

  61. Hoàng K-tell2

    10 person this video

  62. Julia Zimmerle

    Eu já escutei essa música

  63. Andrew Munoz

    Why is zhc in this

  64. obito Uchiha

    wait zhc

  65. Vinicius #546

    Very good

  66. Atlantic Sun

    Nadja Alaya. Nobody gobba talk abt that

  67. Lawson Kelley

    I love zhc and when I saw him I was like .o.

  68. Nieshawn De Loyola


  69. Olivia Bradley

    Oml zhc

  70. Cory Nisbett

    This girl actually has real talent

  71. Conner French

    Aren't you Bella from tick tock

    1. Wolfie Justin

      Yea that’s her.

  72. Quixsmnl

    where is larray in i t-



  74. Talita Albuquerque #Meu apê

    vc. roubou. a. musica

  75. {}Hailey_playš{}

    Girl dancing: The people outside: what the fu-

    1. Wolfie Justin

      Lol if I was outside I would be like f**k this s**t I’m out.

  76. Ayad Yousif

    Why is Zhc even here?

  77. JustSketch

    The rip off version of Melanie Martinez

  78. Strong S

    2:10 RAKHIIIIIIM(Рахииим???) Чего ля?

  79. MangoTek

    Pretty rich coming from a bunch of perfectly built girls.