A free multiplayer game where you compete in Battle Royale, collaborate to create your private island in Creative, or quest in Save the World.

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  1. Mithilesh Virahsammy

    Remove the ufos ...

  2. Joas Van Der Meij

    who is watching all of the battlepass trailers again? aha

  3. Joas Van Der Meij

    The vibes of this season were so good

  4. Yasin Chaudhury

    Seriously wth just ruined season 7 not coz of this but just check top 5 gaming bro

  5. Hype The Roblox Guy

    I love how when one of the employees recording misses every shot they just cut away

  6. David UwU

    Happy one year season 3!

  7. neonweb

    This season was absolutely amazing. Pls do something like this again, loved every second

  8. Mathilda Decker

    Why are there so many sweats in solos right now dude????😤😤😤😡

  9. Crib_Defender

    1 year later.. I miss this season so much, it was the best season for me..

  10. Soulless

    Happy 1 year anniversary to best summer season ever !!!😔

  11. Adam Klacza

    1 year ago things go by so fast🥲

  12. Kaczor GAMING


  13. Artur F10

    It's been 1 year 😱

  14. Edward Hernandez Jr

    Fortnite should make fortnite's kinda dying a music disc tho LOL

  15. Golden King

    This season officially released 1 year ago today!!! Who misses it?

  16. Golden King

    1 year ago today, this season came out!! Who else misses this season? Look how far we have made it!!

  17. ツrolenyx

    One year ago...

  18. Vortex_MythiGhoull

    1 year ago this season came out 😔

    1. Oliver Hill Destiny Fan


  19. ItzDxnny

    1 year :(

    1. Oliver Hill Destiny Fan


  20. BHC Beam

    Happy 1 year anniversary season 3 chapter 2

  21. Evan 45

    This season was one year ago today

    1. Oliver Hill Destiny Fan

      S a d

  22. Iron Viper

    I can’t believe it has been one year since my favorite season has released! Miss you season 3! 🌊☀️⛱🏝🏄‍♂️🍉🐠🦈🤩

  23. Iron Viper

    ONE YEAR 🤩🤩

    1. Oliver Hill Destiny Fan

      S a d

  24. Jim Robertson

    This all happened 1 year ago 😢😢😢

    1. Oliver Hill Destiny Fan


  25. Franko Neruhs Barleta

    And make shadow ruby pack available on console

  26. Jim Robertson

    It’s been a year already 😢

  27. Franko Neruhs Barleta

    Fortnite pls unbanned jarvis

  28. Muhammad Hamail

    *Best* *season* *of* *chapter* *2*

  29. The reaper

    Make all mythics in creative

  30. المليون Million

    فورتنايت كل هي تكرير لآل حلقه

  31. David Maravic

    Fortnite took masterchief scr*w them they should go to he*l, every kid in my class goes like " Oh it's the guy from Fortnite." every time I show the halo 3 campaign. CONCLUSION: F**K FORTNITE

  32. felipelouren

    Whoa time flies

  33. 乚ㄨ尺刀 { F*ck love }

    Best season

  34. OSU FAN

    This battle pass sucks because some people don’t have the battle pass so that’s not Fira change it back PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬

  35. Shadow Henchmen

    One year ago, today. We were coming off the heels of Midas's masterplan, we were having fun on the flooded remaints of the island testing out the new Charge Shotgun, the sharks, the whirlpools. Today, we play agianst goddamn Ufos and aliens. Happy one year Season 3 you were a god tier season with season 2.

    1. Oliver Hill Destiny Fan


  36. Theofanis Iliopoulos

    1 year ago... Damn time flyes

  37. RAY more5

    الله يلعن لعبتكم الصعبه

  38. Oyunların İlahı

    wtf apple i was playing with my dad and apple blocked fortnite !? f you apple

  39. 3ambar Gamer

    Why this video recommended to me 😢😢

  40. bartek kok

    MAmy 2021 rok a mam to na głównej

  41. Omar

    Happy birthday Fade 👹

  42. RiiftOnPercs

    0:54 Pure. Chills. This season's gonna be great.

  43. Τartarus

    Oh my goodness, it’s been 1 year

  44. TIMMEH

    Ay bro wanna play new season of fortnite now: I WISH THE OLD FORTNITE IS BACK MAN 😔😭😭😭

  45. Lincoln Hitchcock

    He is cracked at fortnite my guy

  46. Lincoln Hitchcock

    How did #1 do that

  47. Bubie 6126

    RIP Fortnite mobile

  48. CrayyCray

    I thought this was a ceeday video for a minute

  49. Kaung Thant

    miss SEA Server

  50. Ask to seduce Miss

    I like how Superman is using the Batman skin on the computer 😂


    lol me watchin this in 2021 and sing this cool video -_- lol

  52. Jared

    1 year it crazy how days are going so quick

  53. BitBot Gamer Boi

    Vault the dumb shitty ufos

  54. Jumpout. Boi

    And that was 3 years ago.. why I lowkey feel like crying 😢

  55. WLG_Panlyk 98

    memories why :( epic to dont og map why :(

  56. Ethan Lu


  57. MTL 7amad Ϟ



    1 year ago

  59. Dog man king

    :( this was my first season

  60. Lowell Smith

    What's the name of the gun with that Lazer spray that kills like 5-6 people at once

  61. Mohammed Jaasim

    I’m happy that I’m not the only person here in chapter 2 season 7

  62. russromo

    Can't believe its been a year happy birthday to kit and the others and to chapter 2 season 3! 😭😀

    1. Omar

      Fade 😁

  63. Famous_Mammoth8

    fortnite bring back the my world emote plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  64. Clo Mind

    1 year ago 🥺😭

  65. Horror Films

    What about the foundation skin

  66. xd naxx

    It’s crazy that this was 1 year ago 😭 time flies

  67. ياسر عبدالله الحوبري



    With fortnite's new alien theme season they have so many possible collabs such as the quiet place monsters, The tripods from war of the worlds, Ghidorah from Godzilla's monsterverse, Princess roslina from Mario galaxy, Cuthulu from H.P Lovecraft, And the elite's from HALO, so many possible collabs.

    1. aswer huio

      I'm a fuckin pickle, morty! I'm pickle riiick!

  69. Leonidas Touskas

    Just remove the lazer gun thingy it is overpowered people have killed me with it like a million times

  70. 北海道?さんをつけろよデコ助野郎!!


  71. Gaming World

    Plz bring back salty springs

  72. Hareesh Sugumar

    This is so cringe

  73. Achilles

    1 year

  74. Nasser Al-Bahrani

    Best season ever

  75. S10H

    We’re foundation

  76. BestPlayerTawhid

    Remembering the days not going sleep until 2 am and staying and up to play Fortnite

  77. kingfahad 444

    I want og fortnite back