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  1. Alienslayer15

    The scene in the elevator is epic

  2. Mecha ميكا


  3. Hunter

    3:15 😕 good ole days. I’m def gettin this game

  4. Cataca_91

    3:16 what in tarnation was that ???

    1. Ankon


  5. misha buharskiy


  6. Ian Nordin

    I just really hope they go back to the sandbox style of spawns vs the Battle Front one.

  7. Dima

    трейлер класний, але грати в цю хрень не буду

  8. ععLي' -


  9. Jonnas Schmid

    I only know the hacker mode which is in hardline but no commander mode

  10. Jotape donoso

    I'm hoping for a future trailer to include the original version of Kickstar My Heart, so much more epic if well used

  11. the_unsightful

    Did anyone notice what it said on the tuktuks roof when it got swept by the tornado, if not go peep it for a giggle

  12. Big Jay

    Cool game. Looks fun. Still not buying an only multiplayer game for $70.

  13. Niles Peter Clemens

    Well hello again lol

  14. Brolis

    hotwire was the best mode in this game :)

  15. 028 Aqib

    Is this free tho?

  16. SunnyVegas

    This is your last chance to live up to bf3

  17. dge

    well this aged nicely

  18. Ellie


  19. Cristian Esquivel

    Still can’t believe this was 7 years ago 🥲

  20. Seong Yeong Wong

    This is it. This is incomparable value of battlefield with any other games. At last, my battlefield is back.

  21. Chris Villeda

    Most of the people talking smack about Battlefield 5 havent even played it

  22. Radical Conservative


  23. Chris Villeda

    So I guess Vietnam's getting skipped

  24. Northstar

    Battlefield haters must be so jealous of how cool this is.

  25. Gametopia

    Defo buying not preordering tho

  26. Ricky Wildey

    Looks like battlefield

  27. Franz

    Do this game without elites pls

  28. Ash Ketchum

    I have question. Is (ps4) 64 ppl maps going to be smaller, or it will be 64 ppl on map for 130?

  29. littlerussman893 -

    I’ve rewatched this trailer five times and I still can’t get over how good it is. I haven’t even played a battlefield game in FOREVER

  30. Trey Praduktionz

    Aight I'll get a Xbox now 😭💯 dis was amazing

  31. Black

    Hope this doesn't flop.

  32. - Kabooming

    At 2:00 How satisfy would it be to be the pilot :D Or shooting this heli down with a Rocket Launcher

  33. ItsLeTony Gaming

    6.9 million views

  34. TrueDeviL

    Let's hope it lasts longer then 2142 did, which was awesome, but lacked support..

  35. Carl Ramer

    What da dog doin

  36. Secret Squirrel

    Finally a worthy game after Battlefield one.

  37. Applepine

    Cod’s done this year

  38. The_Frontdoorplz

    Anyone else get shivers?

  39. Litosciano the backwatchers

    In the nutshell : soo basically a near future vibe war against army to army And gods enter the war and make natural disasters

    1. Litosciano the backwatchers

      @Azmi Caseer understandable have a great day

    2. Azmi Caseer

      No government using the HAARP technology ( search about this)

  40. Good Name

    So this is coming in 2042? Okay

  41. Altruïsm

    I just hope the maps are actually good and well thought out.

  42. CAMO

    i cannot wait for this game to come out!

  43. engineer gaming

    looks like battlefield 4 won’t be dead after the reveal of 2042

  44. Zakalaca416

    3:00 are we just gonna ignore that nod?

  45. Vegard Pig

    1:10 music gives me serious tenet vibes

  46. Rian Kavanagh

    Ok so just don’t suck and we’ll be good

  47. Thomas Holt

    6.9 million views nice

  48. L

    Honestly rather pay per dlc than pay for battle passes I’ll never have the opportunity of finishing even though I’d really want the end stuff

  49. Visionof

    I'm sure the gameplay will be enjoyable, but im not hyped 4 some reason

  50. Harold Richard

    I love Battlefield. I played Battlefield V for one night and never touched it again. Hopefully this is a return to form.

  51. ZERO

    Voll langweilig! Passiert überhaupt nix! *IRONIE OFF* Freu mich drauf

  52. SilverDesignGaming

    Who else is here because of the 2042 trailer??

  53. Ibrahim Sabeel

    Timeless Masterpiece

  54. Sargent Gaming

    1:36 Remember NO RUSSIAN

  55. Outlaw Hazzard

    This trailer is almost as good as the bf1 trailer

  56. pašík paul


  57. fcogabler

    Singed part of soundtrack made me cringe: sounds like a mix between G.I. Joe cartoon intro and an 80s soft drink jingle. The rest of the clip is epic.

  58. Sargent Gaming

    Finally, a prequel to 2142! Just like what I've been waiting for

  59. Deimos

    someone explain to me why you liked this idiocy so much?

    1. David

      Whats idiotic about it?

  60. Thomas Huerta

    Love how they added Rendazook in 3:14

  61. Adam Gameing

    It has 1M likes in 3 days and battlefield 5 got 300k in 4 years

  62. 띵’s Kitchen

    Whoa~ yeah~

  63. GUYVA 23

    Think ive blown the ' Y ' off me Y Fronts !!

  64. shltr

    i can already see myself of the future throwing by error a grenade in that elevator

  65. rokker333

    😍🤟🏻👏🏻 P.S. but where is the BF theme?

  66. Yung Mike J

    Games just don't feel this good anymore..

  67. Jedi Knight buckley

    Hopefully we can drive submarines and have underwater warfare

  68. onur97able

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion i actually liked BFV

  69. Gang

    Looks like Battlefield 4, 2

  70. Jedi Knight buckley

    Will it beat the masterpiece that’s is modern warfare

  71. Ezio Music

    Gdzie Battlefield 3 Remaster?

  72. いいいあああ

    I want to know what is the bgm's name

  73. Eren Er

    Its time to play bf 3

  74. Wuffleshuffle

    Congrats to 1 million likes!

  75. Caylin hollingsworth