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  1. CTRL

    this game is a shit show and im so glad i dont play it anymore

  2. whatsup 260


  3. Alex Mc

    The servers on Battlefield 4 are packed! The hype is real

  4. Josh More

    I played 1 game with the green floor loot version and wiped a squad and blew up a jeep in one clip. It's absolutely insane

  5. Tones 96

    I nearly pissed myself when you started mocking those subpar youtubers with the cheesy thumbnails

  6. airbreath

    24 player big team battle? come on... lame

  7. Joel Terry

    My favorite part was the sound design and destruction, you felt like you had so much power with every gun and the map was just blown to hell by end of every match.

  8. Coldblooded_Max

    More battlefield plz

  9. James Tee

    Boycott COD until they stop this. Let’s start a mass movement!

  10. Millhouse Manastorm

    I have a problem with my framerate. It will sometimes drop at the start of a match and be lower until the second I grab my loadout. When I've selected a loadout it instantly goes back up. It's kind of annoying to play with a low framerate until I have a loadout tho...

    1. Lemon Paradise

      @Millhouse Manastorm Specs? Are you running any overclocks? Are your Drivers up to date?

    2. Millhouse Manastorm

      @Lemon Paradise pc bro

    3. Lemon Paradise

      Console or PC?

  11. kermit

    Did dice remove this Easter egg?

  12. Altear

    0:37 whats the ost?

  13. Kevin Glazier

    Paracel Storm!

  14. Derek

    That's me not playing for a few days.

  15. Scream'sReef 710

    Don't care much for warzone. Battlefield gameplay would be nice though...

  16. Logan Austin

    I gave up playing this game since the Cold War integration. It seems like they just don’t care at ALL anymore. Yet i cant stop watching Jack play with broken weapons and shred😂

  17. Ruben Engelbrecht

    I really hope that they allow to play offline with bots or firefight

  18. Benjamin Thorpe

    They release guns with these stupid TTK times because people talk about it. It’s free press

  19. theeGAME360

    can u post some bf4 gameplay plzz

  20. Iwin Shepard

    I guess they ran out of ideas so they added a nail gun

  21. Caden Lacher

    Honestly the krig now is kind of op. Can make it have almost no recoil and ttk is really good at range.

  22. Travis Gould

    Haven’t played war zone since the map went to the 1980s.

  23. Rob Zombie

    New season new broken guns

  24. Dylan John

    How do they have the final skin unlocked already?

    1. Lemon Paradise

      you can buy tiers

  25. Prophet Snow

    Suez from 1 was an incredible map

  26. Arjane Antoine

    you had a great time because other people haven't unlocked it yet. Wait till 3/4 of the lobby is running it.

  27. EVLfreak666

    Hey Jack, who will you be squading up with in 2042?

  28. Chickent_Nug

    Why did they decide to make the "MG82"? It couldve been an MG3(which is a somewhat modern mg42)

  29. enes bae

    Nerfing amax multiple times but bringing op weapons almost every season... Seems legit

  30. Mountain Bike Addict

    Why even play anymore? Ready for Battlefield 2042.

  31. GnomeClips

    If by ridiculous you mean annoying as fuck because I have to change all my settings again, yes this one takes the biscuit

  32. Christopher Lugo

    Can we please stop saying that new weapons are broken every gun is really balanced out

  33. Nirmal Singh

    just bought it, its dumb as hell, for a game like rebirth you can beam anyone from tower or jail's roof..

  34. Reclaimer001

    Reminds me of the model 1887 pre-patch in mw2 or the acr in mw3

  35. Thabo Moya

    Can confirm it shreds AF, it's like a smg LMG

  36. Lino N

    halo is going to be garbage

  37. Márk Dobai

    The MG-82 looks like the DLT-19 from Battlefront 2😂

    1. joniskates

      Because star wars weapons are inspired from ww2 weapons, and the MG 82 is just a modernized MG 42 from ww2 ^^

  38. branden love

    I have a better idea instead of trying it out before it gets nerfed. Don't log in. Seriously. It's not a mistake. It was done on purpose. We all know this and if you hurry up and rush in and buy the battle pass then you're essentially doing what they want you to do. My account will remain inactive until I see an update on this.

  39. KenshinRell

    They don’t test things before releasing them lol

  40. ezra Goldberg

    Streetsweeper was really, Hardcore Nerfed. I get that some of us welcomes that but I'm on MNK and the Streetsweeper was my only chance of winning Close-Quarter battle against Controller Aim-Assist :(

  41. Max Miranda

    Cool video bro keep it up and god bless you🙏💯

  42. Snickarz1337

    watch a hotfix come out after a week claiming the blueprint was broken

  43. Ryan

    Can't wait for bf 2042 to come out so I can stop seeing warzone in my sub box lmao

  44. Tj Kenney

    Not gona lie they lost me at no campaign how you gona charge 60 bucks for half a game

  45. Jinx

    It’s always a good day when JackFrags uploads🥰

  46. MarshalONE Gaming

    You watched frame by played it haha :D

  47. handeif

    Got DESTROYED by this weapon today, twice! Was sure they had stopping power, but no, just a regular beam machine! 😅

  48. FreaKLyy

    Thought you played the game xD

  49. dablakeboy

    Make sure you give the krig a go. It's cracked right now with no recoil

  50. Morrisse 0_0

    The new mg feels like ot has a firerate of a m13 and a damage output of an amax...

  51. sinbad656

    They do it on purpose to make people buy the blueprints. They do it every time!!!

  52. Gids Pimppo

    I suppose that berthas can go inside houses and buildings right?

  53. Spam Account

    I’m so fucking mad that they added ANOTHER FAST FIRING NO RECOIL GUN. WHAT THE FUCK GUYS

  54. Beard784

    "Let me know what Warzone content you wanna see me produce going forward" The kind of Warzone content that is not Warzone

    1. gelul12

      This guy gets it.

  55. tomcio malina

    Quick fact: We will be playing with AI bots if the server can't reach 128 players ...

  56. TheLtGo

    Didn't know about the armoured trucks in the new update, went into a game, died, came back from gulag, raced to the crates in end game that just dropped and get comeback loadout, feelsgoodman.jpg.............but now there's a truck with a gun on it and trophy system that won't quit just running around me and waiting for me to peek..........thx raven

  57. Chris diggy

    Why? because of the $$$

  58. jackfrags

    What are your thoughts on the new season then if you've tried it today? Good bad, enough, not enough, ruined, elated?

    1. 1mawil1

      truck fuckin sucks too

    2. a1

      Quit playing warzone midway through season 3, best decision ive made this year

    3. preach

      great fps drops and kaboom sounds like gonna have heart attack soon

    4. Millhouse Manastorm

      I have a problem with my framerate. It will sometimes drop at the start of a match and be lower until the second I grab my loadout. When I've selected a loadout it instantly goes back up. It's kind of annoying to play with a low framerate until I have a loadout tho...

    5. Carl Beaumont

      Stupidly over powered cold war guns again and the Nail gun thats 4 shot kill to the chest.

  59. Darko Cvetkovic

    This game is BS

  60. happytrailsgaming

    Won my first game on solos in season 4 w the armored truck...

  61. A. Burton

    Cutscenes look better than the explosions...

  62. Erik_Cortes

    only time i played on this map was in roblox phantom forces lmao

  63. Levo Huntz

    1:40, *nickmercs* mostly

  64. Krzysztof Cygan

    I'm pretty sure they do it on purpose, it's needed to create all those OMG YT videos. Let them have some fun for few days, then patch it. And then it's boring until next time.

  65. Connor McJesus

    Who else wants a New York map in BF2042

  66. Riiico

    Wonderful an armored truck with permanent uav and able to use trophy system lol WONDERFUL!

  67. Beard784

    Why do people even still play this game, its so painful to play and honestly, ive had to watch this crap for over a year cause you having been posting much BF, and i cant with this anymore

  68. Not that Good

    That armoured truck needs to be removed immediately

  69. Xuân Tùng

    5:50 its what you've been looking for xd

  70. tomcio malina

    Just tell us, have you already played the game ???????

  71. iamone

    Epic fail.

  72. s m

    Cod want people to talk about cod over battlefield 2042 that why

  73. ThatOneGuy

    Same thing every damn season always something broken as shit, these devs are ridiculous, fingers crossed for 2042, couldn’t get here any sooner 🤌🏾

  74. Caden Boothroyd

    5:09 getting MW2 vibes