Goya Menor, Nektunez - Ameno Amapiano Remix (you want to bamba, you want to chill with the big boys)

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    ♫Goya Menor, Nektunez - Ameno Amapiano Remix (you want to bamba, you want to chill with the big boys)
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    So easy (It’s Nektunez yeah)
    Hey ha!
    Oya meno (Ameno)
    Oyadepe kirin
    Hekedimi yana kukirin
    Help me tell them how the thing goes
    How the thing goes (How de ting goes)

    Shebi meka tamoa
    Say my pikin don go join cult
    Ha! You want to bamba
    You wanna chill with the big boys

    Na you dey run kiti kiti
    You dey run kata kata
    No fit drink water drop cup
    Ha Hey! Shey you see how the thing goes

    Ameno, oma nare imperavi ameno
    Dimere, dimere, mantiro
    Mantire mo, ameno

    (Oma nare imperavi emu nare, ameno)
    (Oma nare imperavi emu nare, ameno)
    Ameno, ameno do re
    Ameno dori me
    Ameno dori me
    Ameno do
    Dori me reo
    Ameno dori me
    Ameno dori me

    Okay, okay ha! This
    Go school go school, you go dey press tools
    And na the parameters you wan dey too
    See even your papa no fit save you
    For all the calamity wey him pikin don do
    Men, all the niggas don dey find you
    Because that nigga wey you peff
    Oh boy e don puff
    Come on lets go

    Shebi meka tamoa
    Say my pikin don go join cult
    You want to bamba
    You wanna chill with the big boys

    Na you dey run kiti kiti
    You dey run kata kata
    No fit drink water drop cup
    Ah hey! Shebi you see how the thing goes

    Ameno, oma nare imperavi ameno
    Dimere, dimere, mantiro
    Mantire mo, ameno

    (Oma nare imperavi emu nare, ameno)
    (Oma nare imperavi emu nare, ameno)
    Ameno, ameno do re
    Ameno dori me
    Ameno dori me
    Ameno do
    Dori me reo (Okay)
    Ameno dori me (Okay come on lets go)
    Ameno dori me (Ah okay)

    Because you made it to the top throne
    Let me see what my godfather can do
    Coz He is the Father to the fatherless
    A mother to the motherless
    Am not to know what can do
    We promised not to fight again
    Not to do anything that will hurt again
    Cos if he do na him he say e go hot again
    Another time you go run again

    Shebi meka tamoa
    Say my pikin don go join cult
    You want to bamba
    You wanna chill with the big boys

    Na you dey run kiti kiti
    You dey run kata kata
    No fit drink water drop cup
    Hay ha! Shebi you see how the thing goes

    Ameno, oma nare imperavi ameno
    Dimere, dimere, mantiro
    Mantire mo

    Ameno Amapiano Remix
    Goya Menor & Nektunez
    Goya Menor & Nektunez Ameno Amapiano Remix
    Ameno TikTok
    Ameno Amapiano TikTok Version
    You want to bamba you want to chill with the big boys
    You want to chill with the big boys
    You want to bamba

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    1. Vibe Music

      anyone from TikTok? 💙

      1. Atika Chayeb


      2. Dariusz Chrzanowski

        Me 😂

      3. Mariska Hendrickse

        I like this song jrre is lekkker

      4. TheSavageree Dude

        I found it from Instagram

      5. Acronix Roblox


    2. MJames

      I’m happy our African music is getting more love internationally

      1. Lady Mbungu

        @Mike Pollo African is not a race. So you can't compare saying white music or African music. Two different things.

      2. Kitty Vale

        @Jack Bauer Nigeria is in African isn’t it ? You use afro beats don’t know you ?! Afro beats meaning African beats.

      3. DeMarcus cousins IV

        @Jack Bauer yeah thanks for the reminder, didn't know Nigeria was in Europe 🤡

      4. Satona


      5. Vayo My

        This song omg sooo cooolllll

    3. Mizzroyalty

      *This song is literally stuck in my head* 😭

      1. Henrique Paulino

        Boa musica.

      2. Jess Torres

        All day lol

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      4. Ayshe Hatamli

        @Natasha et .

      5. PudWhacker

        Same 🤣

    4. Blue

      There really is nothing to dislike about this song, its so perfectly made

      1. mi12no

        The only thing that will be disliked is how perfect it is because others are jealous they can’t be so perfect

      2. Lady T Productions

        Walking away talking to myself …Gone tell me I shouldn’t self promote, ion know WHO this person think they is

      3. Lady T Productions

        @deathlydash Don’t tell me what I shouldn’t do. I’m a grown woman that’s what’s wrong with the world is people like u that won’t mind there business

      4. deathlydash

        @Lady T Productions you shouldn't self-promote.

      5. Lady T Productions

        @deathlydash get off of people’s comments with negativity

    5. Blue

      Its January 2022, lets see how many legends are listening to this masterpiece💚

      1. w.gearfourth

        @redserpent7 racist?

      2. xrach wellsx

        @Bass Boosted EveryDay because the original is better

      3. xrach wellsx

        You are everywhere 😂😂😂

      4. Patrick Sebastian

        oh shush with this kinda comment in every music video ever

      5. Ager Law


    6. Ghost

      It is crazy how many people in 2022 will return to listen to this legendary song 🔥🏆

    7. Georgette Jonah

      This song is living in my head rent free. It's definitely chilling with my brain 🤣

      1. Fun Viral Videos

        🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬 songs tend to do that to you😂

      2. The crazy fam


      3. Root2tip Eco Helping you to love your hair

        Agreed . ...ours too

      4. mary kabango

        🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 rent free eish

    8. Debbie L

      Who else typed in 'want to bamba' to find this song? Love it. Been hearing it on people's vacation videos from Ghana. Just had to look for it. Happy that Afrobeats and African music on a whole is finally getting more recognition worldwide.

      1. Charles Essien

        Me o

      2. B H

        Me hahaha. From tik tok 🤣

      3. Viola Chepchirchir

        I started with (I wanna chill with the big boys)

      4. Yılmaz

        Ben aradım Türkiyeden 💫 Trend burda

      5. Tiffany Sumo

        😂 I sure did.

    9. Gary TheBeast

      This song is pure fyah! Great message with a sick deliverance.

    10. Petra Williams

      I feel the energy of my African Ancestors in this song. For me the vibration cuts to my soul.

      1. Homo economicus

        @TheLovelyAfri How is it corny? Africans talk about feeling their ancestors' presence. Don't insult people's experiences.

      2. TheLovelyAfri

        Stop being so corny

      3. Daniel G.

        Ok buddy

    11. Mimi said so

      Born in America and my ethnicity is Haitian and this song is so powerful it makes me think how my ancestors were back in slavery and when they fought back the French for their freedom. Thank you Africa. This song is #1 on my list.

      1. TheLovelyAfri

        This literally has nothing to do with slavery. Not every African has to harken back to the slave trade

      2. Dantata Dangote

        @dump truckin truth duke FOH, stop Whitewashing African achievements with Colonizers. This is a Nigerian song with a Ghanaian producer in South African Amapiano style of music.

      3. Lord Zabuza

        Sak pase

      4. Lady T Productions


      5. Yılmaz

        amerika fransızlar yerli halkı kendi topraginda esir etmeleri köle yapmaları barbarlık tı

    12. ANTSCHO

      Music has no borders

    13. NEER NEER

      This music is spiritual. Each of us wanders off our thoughts while listening to it. It is Divine inspiration. We sing as well once in a lifetime.

      1. Carla Y. Brown Spoken Word

        Truly you hit the spot with spiritual. It’s in there.

    14. Ndapewa Iipinge

      In Africa we always keep it 100% fun and memorable. Every December a new hit is coming to keep us entertained with unforgettable memories 👌😍❤️

    15. T A

      Im mexican , I can understand how people feel so proud of this song. It’s beautiful and it makes you feel so much pride and powerful.

      1. T A

        @candice nguluvhe do you come here to ask me ? Instead of doing your own research? I mean you’re here for a reason right?.

      2. candice nguluvhe

        Aha what language is it?

    16. Drucilla Thompson

      I feel so happy to be alive to experience this musical masterpiece. Feels like it speaks to my soul

    17. Black Coral Tv

      Who knew a song against cultism/gangs will become such a massive hit worldwide...kudos to Goya and the producer of this masterpiece

      1. al

        Against gangs? Why wouldn't go massive?

    18. Serenityafterall

      I love this song . Enigma sound with a deep vibrational groove and that voice to top it off , niceeee !! 💖

    19. Terry Nixon

      Feels like it's historic, yet futuristic, yet modern all at once. It's mind blowing

      1. Tony Nayenga

        @Aleksandar I think music is a sampling sport🎶💯

      2. Jay Dot

        🤯🤯🤯🤯 repeat x repeat

      3. R Dog

        @Katheleen Ruppel the ancestors?? 🤣🤣

      4. Christian Nunez

        @JaguarPaw yes i want to chill with the big boys

      5. Karen Heyward

        Truth!!!!!!. Come on tell ALL.

    20. Black She-Wolf

      I’m not religious one bit but if there’s a long street to heaven when we die, this is the song I hope to walk to as I stare into heaven and hell at the same time. This is a song both the Pope and Italian Boss Mafia dance to.

    21. Karen Heyward

      This song is Powerful !!!!;; . Absolutely Powerful!!!!!!. and AMAZING!!!!!!!!. It's ALL FACTS and Truth.

    22. I.TEE-One


    23. E gb

      Great message in this song! Moral of the story… Stay away from secret cults! There is no life in it!

    24. Carlos Onyango

      Producer - Ghana Singer - Nigerian Style - Amapiano (South Africa) Music uniting Africa

      1. candice nguluvhe

        Aha so what language is the song in ?

      2. Sonia Semkiz

        Uniting the world through African music👍🏽👏🏽👏🏽❤️

      3. Rose Heart

        You are just one of those people who think they are woke. Stop being jealous. and embarrasing yourself on youtube Let people enjoy universal music. Many music has been inspired from so many things religion, art, culture etc. You are not breaking any news. move TF on

      4. Oguike Tochi


      5. Lady T Productions


    25. FrostyBanter

      There really is nothing to dislike about this song, its so perfectly made

    26. fairy tail

      This is why i love music cause even if u dont understand the language u can still love it and u can still enjoy even music that is centuries years old it will always come back to catch up to modern times it never goes away thats why i love the saying music is universal no matter race or culture evey one gets to enjoy it

    27. 1.....

      We need to give Amapiano credit for this sick beat...

      1. sphamandla Ngalo

        No really. 💃💃💃💃🔥🔥🔥🔥

    28. Thatch Repairs2020

      Nigeria is on another level. Chill with the big boys. Love from Zimbabwe 🇿🇼

    29. Ciah Hlophe

      Friends : "You're so quiet, what's on your mind?" My mind 24/7 : "YOU WANT TO BAMBA? YOU WANNA CHILL WITH THE BIG BOYS??" 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽

      1. Tayla not Taylor Lucci


      2. franklix


      3. Lady T Productions


      4. Zama Seyisi

        This weekend I'm going to Konka to chill with big boys 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      5. LiFe WiTh TiA FaBuLoUs


    30. Ereda Zeneli

      Even though i am very fast away from Afrika,i have always felt a liking for that place.I have not yes visited Afrika but i will not die without it....I think that he is the most special place in the world..big love from Albania💞🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱

      1. Nelson Komla

        When you do come, do well to visit Ghana. It's breath talking and unbelievable place

      2. Onyi Best

        Love you ❤️

      3. Sajmir Hasa

        This is perfect 🇦🇱🇦🇱

      4. Aigbe Odion

        I will take you to africa

    31. Bankable Kumah

      It has bits n pieces of everything. Kinda feels like enchantment or trying to unleash an angelic-demon yet welds a very strong sense of authority. Simply put all, parties played their roles to the fullest. Am speechless. That feeling which can’t be described by words. “ I wanna Chill with the Big Boys”

    32. Joyce Njeri

      I never knew opera and an African beat would intertwine...i have been living a lie

    33. Patience Kasere

      You wanna chill with the big boys ...love it 🥰🥰❤ Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 approves

    34. crystaldiva1989

      Singer/Artist- Nigerian 🇳🇬 Producer - Ghanaian 🇬🇭 Sound/beat - South African Amapiano 🇿🇦 Chorus Influenced by ERA -Ameno, Kosovo-Albania🇽🇰🇦🇱 Without the song/lyrics the beat is great but it’s just a beat. The singer definitely owned this and it is 🔥.

    35. Jay Leo

      The constant tone in the background is haunting, mesmerizing and beautiful all at once. We dont deserve this song! Absolutely amazing....

      1. Marco Solo

        Era - Ameno, it’s a french song at least 20 years old

    36. Said Mohames

      I'm very proud to see our African music is shown to the world 🌍 with it's beautiful rythm!! In other words thanks to social media we gonna shine one county after another by retroducing out culture to the 🌎.....

    37. Jermelia Young

      Love this musical masterpiece, this blend is so soothing, this rhythm wicked, full of vibes, not to mention the background vocals

    38. Sergio Gonzalez

      We the Spanish approve this song is 🔥 and on heavy repeat ♡ Love from Brooklyn, NYC 🤙🏼 "You want to bamba" 💪🏼

      1. ouzin sy

        👏🏿👏🏿✌🏿 thanks it's lovely

      2. Florian hapipi

        Im from pacific top zik

      3. Alex Rebellion brigade


    39. Fatima Miranda

      So eu do Brasil 🌍apaixonada pela batida, querendo saber a traduçao em português dessa musica😂

    40. Fifi Makute


      1. Gift Ora

        @Love Joseph 😂😂

      2. Adventurer Mogul


      3. ItsLolaBetch _

        Lol no you don’t

      4. raheem123456

        @Love Joseph 😂

      5. Love Joseph

        Until you start running kiti kiti kata kata, even can't drink water and keep the cup in peace, then you see how the thing goes

    41. Thomas Hole

      Feels like it's historic, yet futuristic, yet modern all at once. It's mind blowing

    42. Laura Ndungu

      Africa is here to reign....we're unstoppable...Go black Music Go ❤💖💯💯

    43. Emmanuel mwanza

      Great, it's back on Spotify 🔥

    44. Dawn-Marie Jones

      There is just something enchanting about this beautiful masterpiece of a song...It makes me even more proud to be a black woman...Thank You Jesus for creating the black race...

    45. Alex Elsewhere

      The African sound mixed with Western Church Choir sound is genius.

    46. Elizabeth Chagas

      Essa musica e muito boa para dançar

    47. Jovany Maldonado

      No dislikes at all... This is so uplifting, lets keep going towards greatness

    48. Fabian Pencel

      African music high meditation 🇯🇲🙏🏿🏝 nuff love from Yaad !!!

    49. tyuerty

      Lmao TikTok really giving the world these African GEMS! Hope all these dudes get rich and keep making amazing Amapiano

      1. Lady T Productions


      2. Clay Adderley

        @AD A I don't know where you got your information but you are horrifically mistaken.

      3. AD A

        @Clay Adderley Bahamian music is based off Nigerian yoruba and igbo traditional songs

      4. groot groot


      5. Clay Adderley

        It's pattern like Bahamian music called rake n scrape

    50. Judy Oronga

      Whenever this song plays in a club,everybody smiles and jams to it ... Good work 👍😀👍

    51. Sunday Wisdom

      Let be honest ....African deserve more Grammy and respect in term of music and sound production

    52. Robsonv21

      Wpada w ucho ☺️

    53. Tiffany Williams

      This song speaks to my spirit and ancestors! Make it longer please

    54. Katheleen Ruppel

      I've been a musician all my life. This is so powerful! A haunting melody. As if the Ancestors are singing to those alive today. Beautiful and powerful!! The rhythm is so driving! 🔥

      1. Re Bel


      2. Lady T Productions


      3. Katheleen Ruppel

        @Maameelle78 Thank you sweet soul❤

      4. Maameelle78

        @Katheleen Ruppel Pay no mind....some people are fools

      5. Playing with Aza, Daniel and Logan ⚽😉

        Some fools don't understand that she said melody and ancestors. I see comments about Africa, Latino, French etc. But the comment was about melody. Damn

    55. cÑeä Mœšęś

      This song has a beautiful meaning behind it rather than what we think, i just finished watching the BBC documentary about cultists in Nigeria and it brokes me to realize that our African brothers and sisters are killed and the government act like it is nothing. Shame on these politicians and their days are numbered.

    56. Liam Fuller

      Love this song, I’m from Ireland 🇮🇪 went to Durban South Africa I 2017 and African songs make me reminisce of the good times and people I met 💯 amazing place

    57. NI

      As a non-African, African music is sick 😎🌍

    58. C. L. G. C. L. G.

      One of the dopest songs of the decade!

    59. VIN AVIN

      African music is taking over the world. What a time to be alive!

      1. M A

        @Jack Gale Another salty Euro-American. Don't people like you, ever get tried of telling blk people, who they should identify as? It's cute you think your opinion matter in this context lol. Identifying as African-American have nothing to due with, spending time in Africa, but everything to due with your ethnicity, dummy.

      2. Jack Gale

        @M A no, they listen to American Music by American musicians who for the most part have never been to Africa.

      3. ♱Tokhye♱

        doja cat much?

      4. Harish kumar

        @greatfullnblessed the point is this is not an original song made by Africa but a remix of French song

      5. Davina Bolden

        I like the song 🎵 im just gon leave it at that don't mind me its just a Beautiful song

    60. Niasha

      I need more African music in my life. I am letting my ancestors down .

    61. Takemitchy

      In here Finland we were playing this song last night at NYEparty the song is fucking lit😵‍💫🔥

      1. B Khan

        Us too in Netherlands was an amazing party🥳. Bless you

      2. Kia Karu

        @黑老虎 🐯 😂😂 perkelee

      3. 黑老虎 🐯

        where in Disco .💃🏻😂 saatana!

    62. Alexandre do Carmo Jr

      This is Phenomenal so pleasant to hear !! Well done guys

    63. ItsLolaBetch _

      I love this song so much and after my Nigerian boyfriend explained its meaning I loved it even more. It has such a historical feel.

      1. Luke Bollman

        @Chosen Tiller it's about wanting to bamba and chill with the big boys.

      2. Chosen Tiller

        Could you please tell me what it means? Jamaican 🇯🇲 in the house 😊

    64. Du er et fyrtårn

      Absolutely LOVE this Remix!!!! How come it’s removed from our region (Norway) on iTunes???

      1. St.Feders

        @Lizania i think it's back now.

      2. Lizania

        They took it off of Spotify too!!😢

    65. Arthur Robinson

      This song is hitting hard I love the reggae vibe I didn’t know African music hit this hard definitely need too start listening to more of it.

      1. TheLennoz

        African music is taking over the world check it out your soul will be lifted 🤗👏🏽

    66. Brun Mudezeri

      Like an anaesthetic this song knocks you out softly, sweetly and gently. When l regain my consciousness, l play it again and 🔂 .

    67. N15

      i want this on my ring tone......Who else.. wants.. "What to Chill with the big boyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz"

    68. Vanessa Pillay

      It puts u in a party mood

    69. Rultizeline Silva

      Esse som tem feitiço xe 😍🥵🔥🔥🔥👌🏾👌🏾

    70. Dk74

      Love it....on replay over and over Greetings from USA🧨

    71. Nasty Daddy Daddy

      My father is from Senegal Dakar...somehow this song just brings me back when i was over there...so awesome 💖🙏🏼

    72. Matty M

      Can't get over how good this song is!

      1. Lady T Productions


      2. adil muhammad

        Yes am over it

      3. KTony

        So catchy

      4. ThatBussyBussin'

        @Katarina Well Damn

      5. Karabo Monareng

        @Katarina I really thought it's just another party song with no real lyrics

    73. Nyaradzo Nyabunze

      It’s prophetic in every sense. Yeshua reigns 🙏🏽

    74. ManiaS

      Beat goes so damn hard!!! Workout worthy!!

    75. Salma Diett

      The Best voice i ve ever heard💖💖💖 machalah

    76. Monty Heer0001

      I don't understand the language but it gives me goosebumps true music

    77. Dark

      I'm proud to be an Edo man, and this song reminds me of my hometown of Uromi.

      1. JosephHD gaming

        Omg I'm from uromi as well

      2. Lady T Productions


      3. okochaten

        @Razr Sliq now I understand the cult part🤣🤣🤣Epomsky

      4. Vincent Okojie

        I’m from Uromi too

      5. Joshua A

        Watching from Uromi as we speak 😁

    78. Lilian dRdFdC

      I feel the ancestors coming threw my soul listing to this😲mind-blowing

    79. James M.

      Needs to get on Spotify!!!

      1. Lizania

        They just removed it 😢

    80. King David

      A mix of reggae, afro beat,gospel hymn and rap made this song unique

    81. WstrnSpi

      I can't stop listening to this!! Such a banger

    82. MC LA

      This is the most exciting, enchanting and enticing piece of musical art I’ve heard in a while 👍🏾💯 It’s almost like a ritual chant that can take you away to unknown paths 🤔

      1. Lady T Productions


      2. Fannie Dixon

        Why all the opinions about this song who cares just love the song for what it is, who care what the mix is Armeno or else it just a jamming song I know Goya laughing 😆 all the way to the bank 🏦 peace ☮️

      3. MC LA

        @Nicoli Alexis Maybe I didn’t listen to the one you mentioned. It’s cultured to enquire before judgement 🤔

      4. Nicoli Alexis

        This the most uncultured comment 😂 just cause u didn't reference the original Ameno by Era

      5. Bass Boosted EveryDay

        *Why is no one listening to my return to Bass Boosted, it's beautiful🥺((*

    83. Carmen Johnson

      This song takes you from beginning to end… I mean the first time you hear it. Culture 👊🏿👊🏾👊🏽👊🏼 🎼🕺🏽🎼 🖤🤎🤍

    84. Damion Morgan

      I need to visit Africa its a vibe there now..the music that's coming from there u can just tell..


      This song is addicting..I have nothing to do with African culture yet cannot stop myself listening this song over and over 💗

    86. Jinoga Cossa

      This beat is mind blowing. Gives me chills . Oh my gosh.

    87. dane malcolm


      1. Itsonlyme

        Thatbussybussin' a mi fi tell uh

      2. Itsonlyme

        Big up uhself dane

      3. Lady T Productions


      4. dane malcolm

        @Carol Prince anytime you're ready lemme know because I'm a tour guide as well

      5. Carol Prince

        Wish I was in ja right now

    88. Melanie Henry

      I cannot stop listening to this.. just want to dance around this makes me wanna be myself damnn

      1. Pombili ihapa potwa

        Go ahead and dance. Get it out of your system

    89. Brate 030

      Love this song ♥️

    90. Andres Marquinez

      This song make me have a lot of feelings and I don’t even know what are about. Really nice song. From Colombia 🇨🇴

    91. Osman Hayes

      “Say no to joining cults” I love the message ❤️ Is not in our culture to Join cults we Africans are smarter and wiser. 🦂

    92. Allan Kaunga

      African music getting recognised indeed. Recently, congolese Rhumba fallen in protected music genre by Unesco

    93. Rania Salem

      Love it ❤

    94. A & J Watson

      I am 64 and loving this tune fabulous... I want to Bamba and chill with the big boys.. Wicked Tune 💃💃💃💃💃💃

    95. MrTj888

      The people that don’t know Amapiano music will now know that Amapiano is one of the greatest genres ever!!

    96. Kim mcevers

      I love it and I can't determine why... so much going on, it's just beautiful really... kinda song that doesn't need translation it's almost better without it, I kinda don't want to know.

    97. N I

      This song is BEAUTIFUL LOVE IT

    98. Phillip Charles

      Just got back from Ghana and this song was it! Literally everyone was into it! 🔥

    99. Ahmed Dadu

      Loving this tune all the way from palestine

    100. Abigail Asantewaa

      The song is overly refreshing!!!❤️❤️🦋