Gutted the pillow and framed the kids😂

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    1. Hiago Santana Ribeiro


    2. 田中葉月


    3. Камилла Феликова

      Ааааам._. Ты подставил своего сына,его наругали,а ты радуешься?;/ sdohni

    4. Hadori Dorie


    5. Ana Hernandez


    6. Axel jr Gersamio


    7. Mimi Roblox player

      Wow this is terrible you got your kids in trouble beacuse of you they feel really bad and upset beacuse the mom yelled at the kids that is so rude!

    8. Сергей Киселев

      What does she do after the book Jing? I just shit works.

    9. mastervrツ

      Pengaturan guys

    10. Harshit Sethi


    11. Anniston Grace

      Poor kids hahaha

    12. Ulises Estrada

      1st rule in parenting: blame stuff on the kids👍

    13. Ea Triska Maui Caballero

      Thats just rude

    14. Paola Molina

      i. mad. a. or. ded

    15. Piper XD

      Yeah hes a peice of crap.

    16. Maluk Mineblox

      that mother's thread did that I kill it yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    17. Melissa Cordero

      “Grown men have to set an example for their kids” This guy:

    18. SanJuanita Zapata


    19. Faby Luna

      He is so mean but funny yup the the dad really own the kids Am fast at typing ido y but is just rn ok

    20. Faby Luna


    21. Paul Vanwijk

      Wow good

    22. محمد اديب

      ي ة

    23. Estefania Mza

      Que traposo el papá

    24. Ria Fernandes


    25. Geovani Peralta

      De las dos cosas infinitas bendiciones🤘🖐️

    26. hot_glizzy

      I feel bad for the kids

    27. Vilmar Goulart

      Morreu kill 😂😂

    28. Alli Rynearson

      The fact she didn't notice someone but dumping a ton of cotton on the floor and throwing a pillow at his kids

    29. Mehmet şirin Şeker


    30. MASKBOYBTS 5

      Thats mean not funny whats wrong with most of the comments wtf

    31. Lý Đỗ


    32. Elif Ciyil


    33. Aamu Aurora

      Leave the kids alone. Don't do shitty business on them and use them to gain some popularity. They should go to school, have friends and do fun stuff. They're not adults to work with parents. This shitty shirts are painfully acted and scripted it has no value for this kids, doesn't teach them anything and is not about them (it's a scripted video, directed by parents). Shame on all family vlog channels and stop with kids abuse.

    34. çhick_ùwu

      The boy was smilling and that sus

    35. Chandra Wijaya


    36. Antonio

      What father in the worst in the world for god's sake makes a decent content Feminist women are not yours unnailed

    37. Ege Akyuz

      Niye bu kadar engelli var bu dunyada

    38. 박도윤


    39. sonela nako


    40. tahsin arslan

      Nasıl ya

    41. Exnyt

      See these are the types of people that would jump off a cliff because they’re friend told them to. And if their friend told them they did it wrong they would do it again.

    42. Ram Sagar


    43. Gwen Ciccozzi


    44. Shay Marie Luz Rona

      I did not ex pct tet

    45. EfrisTime

      Боковое зрение вышло из чата...

    46. Onkar Sharma


    47. Danilo Peixoto

      O pai que 😤😤😤😡😡😡

    48. Drixoun

      Tu es très père

    49. Malaki Sebren

      # Worst Dad ever

    50. Lisa

      She was clean don’t do that again brats I hate you

    51. Dashai Brown

      What the fuck

    52. Dashai Brown

      What the

    53. Nugget Tube

      I’m the dealer. Got all these anti cringe pills 💊 💊 💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊 Careful while in GEburn shorts good luck out there troops

    54. Victor Gabriel Martins Rotta

      Não gostei do que o Homem fez mais foi engrasado o vídeo

    55. Ruben Gonzalez De la Cruz


    56. BlackkRaven


    57. Ononbaatar Onon


    58. Aleksandra Bentes de araujo


    59. Jasmin Joseph

      Wow I think they’re going to have some visitors a.k.a. child services

    60. Jacob Thao

      Wow dad really had to get his kids get yelled at LMAO!!!!’n

    61. Arlindamar Barros


    62. Arlindamar Barros


    63. Alicia Garcia

      Chfhd kg dkdhe jjjhh egkeje kg e mg edtd yuyu e😥😭😭😭d hhu djdgdjdhdjhdhddh

    64. Graison L

      I think it’s a prank lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    65. Rubismar Nascimento

      Hj j

    66. Chelseann Young

      Wow just wow

    67. Francesco Esposito

      🤔🤔Non si fa sono michela

    68. الؤي الشجيري


    69. Death Arrow

      This has been heavily staged lol

    70. Mari Alonso


    71. نظال شقر


    72. Marie Lallemant


    73. Jami Lawson

      You are stupid

    74. Noah Kitching

      Bro that was not the kid that was the that was the dad he was being so he was lying he did not do that the boy did not do that he the dad was lying

    75. Munyaradzi Tengo

      Kkkkkk 😂😂😂

    76. adventures of maddie :o

      Not cool man

    77. Marisol Mancha


    78. Clara

      O home do caranba

    79. Juana Eneroliza Tavarez Vargas


    80. Tatiana Gawlik

      Tak nie można i se zwala na to dziecko, 😞

    81. Patrick Woo


    82. Nida Talha


    83. Anna Bodnarescu


      1. seby2m

        Ști ca ei vorbesc alta limba nu?

    84. 🌺{SHINBI,S EDITS }🌸


    85. Jamilah Hassan

      Wow the dad really did that to his own kids

      1. Péter Dávid

        Jsjks a

      2. Gary Anderson

        @Ana Minaya l..huh..k my Ol ppojjzkcncnkfnfndvxvaaaàaaaajjhhjjjgcdvmd Phnjoj Knowu Knonnboohb.n Jknjm

      3. maxwellen Moreira

        @Lua Sol ddssee

      4. Lua Sol

        @Ana Minaya higiene pessoal

      5. Diane Pangilinan


    86. ニマニマセイ

      What does your name Siri😡Daughter

    87. น้องพาสต้า พาเที่ยว


    88. らる


    89. تالين تالين


    90. Rodney Wells

      That why did he do it on the kids

    91. Juliette Lima

      Não foi ele foi o pai jogou e botou

    92. Amber Durham


    93. zuri Clemente


      1. Miraduwiseptiyani Yani


      2. Miraduwiseptiyani Yani


    94. zuri Clemente


      1. Sofia Vargas


    95. zuri Clemente


    96. Elinor Rivera

      No son los niño por que ellos estaban jugando el papá fue los niños es tábanos solo jugando

    97. Про Уае

      И сделал ты сделал папа

    98. Aleanshurice Johnson

      425669y GB c.a s eff g scv h