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    00:00 Crazy phone DIY ideas and hacks
    00:30 Bubble wrap trick
    00:50 DIY antistress phone case
    01:28 DIY balloon drone
    02:13 Simple and useful everyday ideas
    03:14 Customize your boring phone with these cool ideas!
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      2:31 Why are you creating a pencil eraser with a 3D pen when you have another pencil with an eraser? You could’ve used that one. Plus that hack doesn’t even have *anything* to do with phone cases. 🤔😕

      1. Scully393

        I know all of them are useless

      2. Mrsuperking Youtube631

        True but who cares its entertainment

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      1:55 was made by my fav tt

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        0:43 Now, don’t be shy. Pop it.

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      The guy sitting next to me:" Writes on my notebook the "joke" word" The guy with the glasses: "Whippes it of." Me: "Gets his own notebook ripp it of or probably that poor thing flyes in the class or in that guy's face 😈"

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