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Battlefield 2042 Official Reveal Trailer (ft. 2WEI)


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    1. Sanzoo

      Рофельный Трейлер:)

    2. ScharaN

      copping it instantly

    3. Bat Man

      After owning every BF game i can say this..they may not know how to make good games...but they know how to make trailers! Im buying...AGAIN!!

    4. SquadRus

      В какой шлак вы превратили Батлу...

    5. Rich Rollin

      Battlefield never fails to impress us

    6. kisko calderon soriano

      fumada 3:23

    7. Qwanton “Qwanton”

      Tee plane stunt was wat made this trailer legendary

    8. Artismo By IvanPixeles

      Adrenaline For Free!!

    9. Some Guy In The Internet

      Battlefield: The Comeback

    10. DutchRaptor

      Altough EA is a bad company with all their loot boxes, they are the kings of making gameplay trailers

    11. Tanay Chakraborty

      Good Graphics and Cinematics 😍

    12. Cieylah Sim

      🇺🇸 United States vs. Russian 🇷🇺

    13. B A

      Am I the only one that seems to think, that all of the soldiers animation makes them look like they're panicked and out of balance all the time or falling down? I LOVE THE TRAILER, but the weight balance part is just weird

    14. Craze

      1:21 great example of why you shouldn't use flashlight attachments in a Stealth mission

    15. Ian Visser

      Now DICE, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, add South African servers at launch. We need this

    16. Ian Visser

      Quad on the roof... Please tell me we got C4 physics again

    17. Dastan Alfaris

      I Cant Belive This Is Only 21 Years In The Future So fast :p

    18. Renno TV


    19. Arjay Paloma

      If I play this game my be in 25 year we are very poor

    20. Hart Smith


    21. Boqn Iliev

      this is what happens when everyone is the main character

    22. Audrius G

      Guys... In october we will be able to play this masterpiece. Just wait a little longer!@!

    23. GCS 88

      So happy finally be able to try BF on a PC and looks like theres gonna be a Korean map 4:08

      1. JByrd

        Good luck with the hackers

    24. 忍者Ninja-

      3:20 literally goosebumps

    25. シュン

      Last chance they have,

    26. Mr. Turkmen

      i came for this 03:14

    27. G Xare

      I raised the video quality to 2160p and now my S10 is burning

    28. Cwan Ron


    29. Cwan Ron


    30. Cwan Ron


    31. Cwan Ron


    32. Cwan Ron


    33. The Gaurav Kunar Gk

      Mobile game or pc game

      1. A Black Picture


    34. goldenscrapbonnie sfm

      3:11 did battlefield just-

    35. Bruce


    36. SadesTV

      Welcome back Battlefield !

    37. Jondde K

      Yoo this is so epic and im really waiting for this

    38. pradeep bayalkoti

      Kick start my heart by motley Crue

    39. Azhar

      what the dog doing?

    40. Riz-馬鹿

      I like something everyone

    41. kj

      im starting to think battlefield 5 was just the appetizer...

    42. Андрей Негрий

      после того как посмотрел на канале вдф прафильную версию, не могу не смотреть с улыбкой

    43. B L

      What is an ATV doing on top of a skyscraper? Lol

      1. AlexXx

        Only in Battlefield )

    44. JAD's MV's

      After this game has run its course 6-7 years from now and the next BF trailer is out, we are all going to see this trailer again and remember the times that are yet to come.

    45. StarScream Plays

      I will see you guys on the battlefield October 2021 👌

    46. I have no friends

      NOOOOO the guy who did the thumbs up Nooooooo

    47. MEE43_ Gide Ahan Parag

      No campaign? Take my dislike

      1. Salad V

        Imagine buying a bf game for its campaign

    48. G .G

      Hope for God that this never becomes cyberpunk 2077!

    49. Aadarsh Patel

      RendeZook is awesome

    50. LMAO

      At 3:10 is a iconic trickshot hit by stun gravy called rendazook

    51. PickleYoda

      This is how you know it's the next generation.

    52. Azamat05

      Это место казахстана

    53. RaPToR ChaCha

      Rendezook baeeeebayyyy😍😍😍

    54. Osama bin laden

      The people who disliked are sad there isnt a campaign, I get the multiplayer is good but still :(

      1. Super Senpai

        You still have bots to play with on multiplayer.

    55. The Balkanizer

      Finaly . So Beautyful :-(

    56. Epic Battle Music

      See you on the battlefield guys💪


      3:05 🔥 underrated moment

    58. Adam Nilsson

      i got this feeling as i did with battlefield 1 and 5 that it will not turn out great. I dont like that we have specialists and free choice of choosing secundaries (everyone can go with bazooka, does not matter which specialist you get), also we did not see any destruction. In a battlefield game i want to destroy walls, buildings, holes in the ground. did not see anything like that in the trailer which we could see in battlefield 3 and 4 trailers. hope i have wrong in the upcoming gameplay in july

    59. rodallega09

      BRO... REALLY ?

    60. YSL LOVE

      15mil views! YESIRSKI

    61. Minerva

      26k people really decided to have a wrong opinion.

      1. Jeevan Sahagun

        And also being toxic in the comment sections as if this game is trash.

    62. Fikret Tekcan

      Time for a comeback , offline since battlefield 3 😎

    63. Dark Sound

      last 5 minite i was breath less

    64. leZiggy

      4:02 me and the bois doing the side quest but its tied to the main quest...

    65. Thomas Greyson

      Oh goodie another war shooter where everything explodes. WHAT DID THEY DO TO KICKSTART MY HEART!!??

    66. Abdul Mohamad

      They should remove the battle pass from this battlefield and keep the system like battlefield 4 like earning gold packs for leveling up or leaving up the weapons and getting a battle pack for it.

    67. The Russian Loli

      No one; Not a single soul: *Baby turtles 5 seconds after they hatch* : 0:28

    68. Bluejuice

      Watching this video without sound like watching an app game ad on mobile

    69. Elon Musk ⎲⎳⎲⎳⎲⎳⎲⎳⎲⎳⎲⎳⎲⎳⎲⎳⎲⎳⎲⎳⎲⎳⎲⎳⎲⎳⎲⎳⎲⎳⎲⎳⎲⎳⎲⎳⎲⎳⎲⎳

      Just imagine 128 players in a small map like Operation Locker

    70. Yeremia Alfa Dio_002


    71. Abdullah Alenezi

      تستاهل المليون لايك

    72. Hoaggie Sammich

      Hacking and exploits have been a major issue for players in your previous games, can you tell us the main difference in anticheat and server security in 2043 over previous games? And will you be allowing private servers?

    73. Money From Deep

      RIP Warzone October 22nd

    74. Salty Gamer

      2:12 probably gonna be my favorite map

    75. lazy soviet

      Anyone know the song

    76. CellSaga Gaming

      anyone else notice at 0:45 The guys gun synchs with the music of the trailer?

    77. Cod Master

      guys this game story is usa vs russia its like bf5 but modern

      1. Grape Flavored Antifreeze

        Lmao what? You literally just described bf2 and BF3 with extra steps

    78. Get out of my Vent

      Sheeeeeeeshh stun gravy is in the trailee

    79. QUIX OTIC


    80. QUIX OTIC

      *Weaponized tornadoes.*

    81. Andrew Costa

      This kinda makes me sad, this may finally kill the BF4 community🥲

    82. Honestry

      This is how you do a reveal trailer unlike battlefield v....

    83. Henrique

      KCT q jogão, slv br

    84. Dylan Pace

      Amazing trailer. Hope the game is just as amazing

    85. 1234567890

      Helloooo!me quedé esperando las escenas futuristas. Solo ví un perro robot artillado y lo que aparentemente es un clima completamente loco. Todo lo que se vió ya existe

    86. Fletcher Fuka

      It's been a LONG time since I was excited about a game game. Buying this FOR SURE!

    87. Lauti Lo

      So glad that Battlefield is back

    88. BufABuffalo

      I like to imagine it’s the battlefield friends inside the little car at 4:04

    89. Petricore 42


    90. Dm M

      The jet RPG kill reference makes fell like *Sully goes MMMMM*

    91. Roblox Aviation

      so like 400 players on the battle field? and with rpgs blowing up everything in sight ofc

    92. DiamondMiner15

      Dice needs to add a mosin and i would play this game like it was minecraft

    93. Orange Pickles


    94. Wk Bsom

      Absolute Battlefield

    95. An overly sarcastic, slightly apathetic fox

      Looks like 26,000 people live in Australia.

    96. sdds

      Remember no pre-orders

    97. CozmicPlanet

      THE HYPE IS ON!!!

    98. Михаил Александрович

      Наконец-то это случилось, есть повод вернуться после 4-ки.

    99. Holy Shit

      I always love watching trailers