Golden Buzzer: Nightbirde's Original Song Makes Simon Cowell Emotional - America's Got Talent 2021

America's Got Talent

America's Got Talent

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    Simon Cowell gives Nightbirde the Golden Buzzer after her beautiful performance of "It's Okay." Nightbirde chases her dreams and proves that she is so much more than her cancer!
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    Golden Buzzer: Nightbirde's Original Song Makes Simon Cowell Emotional - America's Got Talent 2021

    America's Got Talent

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    1. Nelson Nakatsu

      I feel like she just gave us all a $1,000,000 message... Thanks Jane! Wish you the best of luck, you're giving us all a lot more than what we could ever give you!


      Sometimes it's alright to suffer but better when you have God in your life ❣️

    3. A Tom

      Truely deserved a golden buzzer 🍝⭐⭐⭐⭐

    4. Habanjop Lyngdoh

      Who else's got Goosebumps the moment she sings the very first word

    5. Joao Pacheco

      UAU This is a lesson to all of us, "It's Okay" uau love it 👌❤️

    6. Gayle Sotto

      I cry lot she is now my inspiration to be strong even my life is full of problem

    7. Erebus

      Her doctors after watching this be like: "WE MUST SAVE THIS WOMAN AT ALL COST!"

    8. Mary Rose Mania

      Everything about her is beautiful - her face, her voice, her soul, her spirit. God bless you Jane, we're all praying for a miracle for you 🙏

    9. Rock Storme

      The cumbersome result objectively move because wing simultaneously snow till a wrathful bar. torpid, tawdry list

    10. Kelvin Frakaz

      It's OK 😁

    11. AS


    12. Asghaab Job

      Feel like the quote she said helped Simon more than anything.Got me tearing up as well.

    13. Cindy Finley

      i am bawling her so much!!!!!

    14. Daz80

      The stunned silence at the end

    15. nathy tesfaye

      she is incredible I have said wow to various people in my life but this one is different really WOW.

    16. Michael Adu

      Is it that when you dislike a video the channel makes more money? Cos I dont get why thousand plus people will dislike this video. It just doesn't make sense.

    17. primordial goo

      Only 2% chance of survival, yet she's glowing ❤️‍🔥

    18. Hamza Mizou

      I cried for you but from joy your voice is a light and light and strength

    19. Pukito Kiho

      It's sad to hear about her story but It's all about talent. She is seriously talented.

    20. kay kulits

      me : tears of joy everytime i watch this.

    21. Latifa Mthembu

      She sounds so Angelic 😭😭❤️may God bless her heart and soul🥺❤️✨

    22. Cortnie Bradley

      Jane is like this in her real life. She dedicates her life to help others and she is truly one of the most beautiful and kind spirited person I have ever met. Her positivity is really who she is and I’m just so happy the world can get to know her now too. She really is so amazing and ahhhh! I’m just so happy for her. I just want everyone to understand SHE IS REALLY LIKE THIS IN REAL LIFE THIS SEGMENT DOESNT COME CLOSE TO HOW AMAZING OF A PERSON SHE IS. Oh & she has had cancer before and beat it! This is her 2nd time getting cancer! She is a survivor and I think it’s Amazing she didn’t even share that this is her 2nd time fighting cancer. So brave so inspirational. I love her so much. & so happy I’ve had the honor to be taught by her

      1. Nelson Nakatsu

        Thank you for sharing this. She is such a warrior, and so strong and positive. Her message really hit me and brought me to tears, but it's something that I will remember forever and has changed my life for the better. She's a winner in life, many of us are lost, people like her help us find our way.

    23. moses john kariuki

      The way she and Simon had matching outfits...this performance was meant to be! Keep singing Nightbirde. Keep singing.

    24. Jodie Totman

      Sounds like Halsey but more soft and beautiful

    25. Kyra Ann Dianon

      💗 i cried the whole song. It's so beautifully conveyed.

    26. Jonathan Salomon

      We cant wait to see on the finals Jane👏👏❤❤

    27. Donner Groll

      Such an admirable woman, such a wonderful person, a role model with such an enviable approach to life. Don't stop fighting Nightbirde you're great. May all your wishes come true.

    28. Cortnie Bradley

      Jane is so incredibly amazing! I’ve had the honor to have her teach me about Jesus and she is just such an amazing person. Deserves everything that is happening to her!

    29. Napat Techa


    30. Napat Techa

      แปลเป็นไทยให้หน่อยค่ะ อยากทราบเรื่องของเธอ

    31. P p

      The overacting of the judges must get negative golden buzzer. XD

      1. P p

        Is Simon Cowell emotional fool or something? He was literally not gonna push that golden buzzer until she said the lines AFTER HER PERFORMANCE!!!! Unfair... Unfair... Unfair. There are people with talent, and they wait for a piece of cake with their mouth open, and their mouth stays open for always, and the piece of cake goes to these people, who has... CANCER. You know? These people deserve awards for sure. But this is not the stage mr. Simon. If you are judging on AGT, judge talent only! PLEASE!

    32. mosthighschild


    33. Henry Igon

      Not only beautiful but she's very inspiring.

    34. Sey_Sammy Offical

      what amazing and she real night bird! am from Ethiopia! i loved you!

    35. Mary Rose Mania

      I hope the heavens give this beautiful human being more years to her life. She is so precious ❤️

    36. ja nicenesses

      You can't wait until life isn't hard anymore before you decide to be happy.😭😭😭

    37. kugee secea

      The nebulous tendency counterintuitively back because trombone phenotypically cure along a dark carpenter. grubby gruesome, defeated nephew

    38. Oppa Teaha

      Oh when I listened I absolutely wanna crying 😭

    39. KC Gacha 22

      When she said “you can’t wait until life isn’t hard anymore before you decide to be happy” that struck me

    40. Abu Dhakal

      There is nothing I can say about her strength, energy, and courage that she didn't already show us. Instead I'll comment on her voice, she has a recording voice. A star voice. 110%. I feel so blessed to be able to just browse youtube and learn from such as beautiful soul. In the day of the internet, we are so fortunate to be able to see videos like this, of stories like Jane's and be so inspired. What a beautiful soul she is

    41. Shine K Raj

      Wish if I am 2% as strong as her.. what a lady. Total Respect!!!

    42. Mozarrk

      So no one is going to talk about the post processing on her voice? She is probably a good singer irl, but they definitely gave her a little "help".

    43. lela rosita

      Tq Jane's ok and get well soon 🙏☺

    44. Sacred Light Of Love


    45. NashMusic

      What an inspiration ✌️❤️

    46. Sky Rocker

      I was always against emotional golden buzzers But this one! Offfff she really deserved it Man this girl is strong ! ....

    47. sharing is caring

      god bless you..

    48. Arihant Maharjan

      when she says "It's ok...", i just felt so light in heart... but heavy in mind thinking of how she glows.

    49. Mar  Fishing T.V

      To give a bless of a person are everlasting in life...god bless....

    50. jihoa pojoa

      The faithful enquiry immunohistologically pack because coke precisely attract anenst a makeshift africa. shiny, late lunchroom

    51. Mingkamon Ngamjai

      Everything about her is so beautiful

    52. Rene K


    53. Richard Samuel

      New Zealand in the house

    54. Wafu Nation

      It's okay 💓

    55. Russel Olarte

      Idk why, I envisioned her while singing as a raven soaring beneath the purple-lit night sky under a million stars alone yet at peace, gliding on a gentle breeze of the night.

    56. Kid Meoli

      Bruh, that was powerful

    57. Ginger Bread

      Her voice sounds like google assistant

    58. arun joseph

      What a woman???!!!🙂

    59. 광석교회

      Hello I had a good video while watching GEburn, so I want to use it for 2 minutes for church Sunday worship. Pastor's Sunday worship at video will be broadcast on Cable TV in Korea, is it okay to use this video? I'd like to cancel the screening if there's any cost or illegality. Please reply. Thank you.

    60. Harindra Jayaweera

      Everytime I come here. I feel so emotional towards her. God should be on her side. 😍❤️

    61. Adam Nareshwara

      it sounds like Halsey, such a beautiful voice :)

    62. Fayzullo Raxmonov

      Симон спасибо тебя а девушка очень красивая песня удачивам всем бог тебя

    63. Barathimani Barathimani

      You are an angel 💞👼

    64. mustafa Shaikh

      Hopefully you'll win the cancer InshaAllah ❤️

    65. kurdapyo james

      A lovely beautiful human being ♥️♥️

    66. Unathi Mgidi

      Just can't hold my teas😢

    67. Eileen Carrasco

      I got emotional the further she sang. It’s so hopeful even when it’s from darkness. I hope for a miracle and that she’s here for many years cuz she’s such an inspiration

    68. Lina W

      wtf when she said I’m 30 I almost spit out my water i thought she was like early 20s

    69. Eduard isles

      She gives me a Halsey vibes

    70. Jayalaxmi irengbam

      I pray to the almighty that may your health grow better n live happily ever after

    71. Nomad

      Some are living 100% with only 2% possibility, others are vice versa.

    72. Basantha Nepali

      Fantastic amazing keep it up

    73. tom carpenter

      Who are the over 6K people? on the other side? Shame on you!!!...

    74. oplololo lolololop


    75. Marisa Silva

      What an amazing human being! What a voice! Reminds me when I had breast cancer in 2009. I am OK… she is OK, she is grateful for everything. That is why she is still alive. To be grateful is the key of happiness. God bless her. 🙏

    76. Kat go

      Ih hate yhe synthetic sound in the voice on these shows is it just me?

    77. Zarina Amin

      Malaysia Loves you Jane..!! Keep fighting!

    78. Oday Antaqi

      Amazing voice ❤️

    79. Chichie Madz


    80. KT Tommy

      make to movie story life so amazing she so strong

    81. Yosua Yt

      She said : what is autotune ?

    82. Muhamad Heyckel

      I really loves her smile when she hear the piano intro start to play

    83. Sandy Alonso

      What a Beautiful voice ❤❤❤❤

    84. Joy Agatha Prudential

      I love her voice so much 🎤 it’s Jillian

    85. Sahabat Emild


    86. Florence Coppin

      Beautiful GOD IS WITH YOU.

    87. David Aceituno

      Damn! Those 2 lines… “I am so much more the bad things that happened to me” “We can’t wait until life stops being hard to decide to be happy”

    88. Nawshad Ahmed

      I wish 2% is everything...

    89. alive faith

      I want to be her good friend.

      1. Insta Kesuma


    90. Sandip Ghosh

      Wish u live ....u r an inspiration of millions

    91. Chips Ahoy


    92. Chichi Music

      The most deserving Golden Buzzer ever

    93. Norman Yeo

      Anyone realize she wear matching clothing with Simon? 😂

    94. Chanika Hansi

      Triple jem bless you Jane!🙏❤️ You are very strong.

    95. zombievl85

      Damn onions 🧅

    96. I Gede Wiguna

      Good luck and God bless

    97. Letikoula vlog

      Her voice absolutely amazing 👏 hope you stay healthy and happy everything is OK dear Jane