Social experiment | Would you help?!



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    1. bilinas mini

      That kid is so sweet to who ever his parents are. You raised a good child

      1. Jayson Orpiada

        You are right😘💋💖💕💓💗

      2. Your local cj

        @Candy Queen your the one talking so you should shut up and all j said was that it’s useless how he jumped in

      3. Candy Queen

        @Your local cj just shut up

      4. Candy Queen

        @Your local cj I hate u

      5. Your local cj

        @Candy Queen yea but it’s extremely useless how he just jumped off willingly

    2. Caleb Fox

      A cara da guria quando o piazinho tirou o celular dela kkkkkkkkk adorei. Muito fofo

      1. ieejjdjf iwjen

        @Selton Paulo ele tava seguindo o roteiro

      2. Selton Paulo

        Ele se jogou do nada tambem.

      3. xBonnie

        A melhor cara kaksjdj

    3. ♡︎TeddiPlayz♡︎

      “How fake do you want this to be?” Them: Yes.

      1. Wendrea Santos


    4. MI khan

      The child’s brought up is really wonderful! Salute to his parents!👏

      1. MI khan

        @Debra@ Miaw Actually I felt like it is a planted video but still it is a good video and people should learn from it.If it is helping us to change the behaviour of iur society for the better, then it should be appreciated!

      2. Miauw_LaZer

        Are you serious? Don't you see this is fake?!

      3. Debra Claire Jones

        @MI khan sadly its scripted like his other videos

      4. MI khan

        Translation plz?

      5. ZT حفار

        ماذا ساعمل على مهل 😬

    5. Alex Cadilla

      I love the fact that a blind person is just randomly carrying a bunch of iPhone.

    6. 一族龍虎


    7. Johann Cariño

      I love how the stealers dont run like they are acting. if i were them i would be just zoomin away with all of those gadgets ofc its not acting.. is it?

    8. seiom jvony

      Limdoooo bom menino ajudou os outros e ganhou um monte de coisas parabéns vc foi um bom menino

    9. pigtopia studios

      Director: How fake do you want this to be Yes. Also there was no need for that kid to jump of that thing.

      1. Shanelle Cunningham

        no offence but to me the act doesn't matter what matters is if you received the message which is to help people in need and not steal and make the right choices. So i could care less about the act it's the kindness that mattered to me

      2. The Otterbox

        They keep showing this same clip with the kid over and over and flipping it and everyone’s already seen it 500 times >:C

      3. Надежда Филиппова

        Как смешного 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    10. ★Liz★

      Limdoooo bom menino ajudou os outros e ganhou um monte de coisas parabéns vc foi um bom menino

    11. ✨crystal✨

      I can't believe how kind that kid was 💖😭✨

      1. Aimen Tumi

        Well could not be. Read my latest conment on top

      2. ✨crystal✨

        @Galen Silver stop I see now ok?

      3. Galen Silver

        Either you are sarcastic or are really unable to tell it is staged

      4. leidiane lidy


      5. نرمين صبري


    12. miraculers ❤️

      good people have to be rewarded ❤️🥰

    13. Royal diamond

      That kid is so sweet to who ever his parents are. You raised a good child

      1. Jakia Salim

        So lucky you see u gat things back for doing the right thing

      2. BRUHMOMENTO Lol

        @Royal diamond no it’s not if it’s fake

      3. Royal diamond

        I know but it's fun to act

      4. Nex

        You do know that it's staged right

    14. Fizon Idea

      Aww the fact that he took it from them with so much confidence it’s so cute and kind 🥰

      1. طقطقهGA 4


      2. It’s Claire Nunez

        It’s fake

      3. Rocky

        No this was a setup he did not actually give that kid the apple products

      4. Carolayne Oliveira


      5. westaysussyweimposter

        Betvya didn't notice the kid dropping something on purpose in the second clip

    15. Dulce Diana Ramírez Perez

      Que lindo es el niño ayudando a las personas antes que nada.

    16. Bribe

      It is necessary to recognize and reward good people.

    17. Samiya_khan💜

      I was paralyzed for 16 years this gave Me motivation to wake up and jump out of my window,Thanks❤

      1. Екатерина Малькова


      2. Alarik120


      3. Mantcha Bah


      4. Samiya_khan💜

        @Marsya Bunga What?

      5. Marsya Bunga

        @Samiya_khan💜 say

    18. PVKhiem

      the boy literally pushed him back and casually jump down on purpose and not because of the faked blind man weight

    19. Tamara Stewart

      The boy taking the phone out the teens hand, he is so brave

    20. Sudenaz Kaya

      Okadar para veriyorsun ama insanların mutlu etmesi çok güzeldir❤❤

    21. prscila

      Porque es dificil encontrar personas asi♡♡♡♡♡♡

    22. Liro Anjo

      Umildade vence o mundo!

      1. Damian Pelly


      2. Washington Pereira

        ipe a sua mãe é 4

      3. Isadora Inácio


    23. Cloudzy Shadowz

      Teenagers are always like that, a few teenagers are bad, but when I saw the kid, I felt so happy

    24. Guga

      O fato de 3 adolescentes serem bandidos e extremamente desumanos, enquanto uma criança tem um ótimo coração me deixa irritado e orgulhoso, sabendo que a criança não vai se tornar igual à eles

      1. Aparecida Suterio

        O mais engraçado,é tipo ser tudo combinado,mas realmente é assim mesmo q ia acontecer.

    25. 만두얼뚱이 요요🥟

      I'm really proud of this kid and he's so big that I think it would be good to become a police officer. Impressed 😭♥

      1. Santoso Santoso


    26. Fizon Idea

      I love the way the boy pushes the man out of the way he is so nice 😘

    27. Kadence youtz 123

      I have so much respect for that kid that was so sweet the look on the young man’s face when the guy gave him the Apple stuff made my day

      1. Kadence youtz 123

        @Šašek are you stupid how was my comment stupid you’re stupid for even commenting stupid go get a life before you comment on mine

      2. Šašek

        Are you stupid broo ?

    28. Xander McAteer

      Look how the kid stopped him and then jumped in

    29. 고민

      저런 아이처럼 착한 애들만 있으면 좋겠다

    30. Ana luiza Farias

      A atitude desta criança me surpreendeu amei, devemos todos seguir o exemplo deste menino ajudar os outros sem querer nada em troca

    31. AlpHa Shizawa

      No matter how old you can still make a difference and help anyone! #thereisstillhopeforhumanity

    32. Fizon Idea

      I love how we we just ignore the fact that the kid basically threw the tablet not just dropped it XD

    33. Alessandro De Petris

      The cameramen has reached the Astral Plane there he mastered the Power of invisbility

    34. 𝕮𝖔𝖑𝖔𝖗𝖋𝖚𝖑 𝕹𝖊𝖔𝖓

      This kid is so kind ! 🥺

    35. Neon Did Great

      How much fake do you want it to be Him: Okay, Yes why?

    36. Karla Adari Toto

      Porque es difícil encontrar personas así❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

      1. Aaron


      2. Nelson Sierra

        @♡cute gc♡ es fingido .-.

      3. cristian nolasco

        Quizas habria colado si el niño no se hubiera tirado solo , ahí estuvo el error del video

      4. Karla Adari Toto

        Ingles por lo menos no pero español su

      5. Comandante Nicolas

        @Karla Adari Toto no hablas

    37. Blazeeer

      The fact that so many people just used it to their advantage and took the ipads, iphones, or macbooks is sad…

    38. Candy Queen

      He just pushed him out of the way he's a good kid

    39. Gabryś Pawlikowski

      Dobry z ciebie człowiek

    40. M

      Gostei 👏😃

    41. Nicole klepar

      Wow the little boy at the end is so nice he deserves the stuff and i would help even if i dont get them

    42. Elise Wahlstedt

      The Little boy was so glad♥️

    43. fouoii gyhh

      I Love what that kid did to help...he has more heart than the adults

      1. MD Babu

        Playback 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

      2. Hero Rimando

        I love how the kid didn't drop it from accident

    44. 𝒁𝒉𝒂𝒓𝒂𝒂🇮🇶༒︎

      I'm praying for all the people who thought this was real

    45. Aaron Ford

      I will always help, no matter what!!!

    46. 피치

      아이가 엄청 착하네요!

    47. •Thai games•

      A pessoa perdeu pra sim menino bondoso gente a humanidade está perdida Jesus amado

    48. Hoàng Long Vũ

      the acting is so good, the kid intentionally put down the phone

    49. Elizabeth Fernandez

      Que amable 🙏👏

    50. Elsa Mate

      Son unos de los mejores conciertos CUMINSIDE.Uno , no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente. Жизнь, как красивая мелодия, только песни перепутались.

    51. A useless and unlucky kid

      Manager: how fake do you wanna be Him: yes

    52. Angelica Elias

      He’s so young and he still knows how to act

    53. Lari Gonçalves

      Essas Crianças estão mais humanas do que os adultos

    54. マイクラの整地がキツイ人


    55. Era Rahima

      Bener2 anak yg berakhlak mulia.. semoga kelak kamu jadi anak yg sukses dan bahagia lahir batin..

    56. Shammar

      I Wish I Met This Guy

    57. ankha alice

      Seria legal se não fosse combinado kkk

    58. Sumaya Syed

      The child is so cute and so kind!

      1. Jack Ternerner

        That was kind of the kid

    59. Дмитрий Симагин

      Малец умничка, дай бог ему счастья и здоровья.

      1. олеся Волошина

        Это постанова...

    60. HANK


    61. doliio volay

      Love this and that ❤️❤️ Thank you

    62. Eliana Fernandes Gomes

      Que garoto! Parabéns continue assim

    63. Cloclo_miaou

      Les enfants ont plus de cœur que certains adultes

    64. jellyolive

      this is just cute lol

    65. Josua Perez

      Buen niño ayudó al señor 😊😇😊😇😊😊😇

    66. あえいうえおあお

      The boy dropped his phone to make his act convincing. We will see him at academy 10 years later.


        Bro u can easily see that boy jump forcefully he could have saved him without jumping he purposely jumped

      2. いわっきチャンネル


      3. Motion Alek

        It’s a skit

    67. Jacob Marshall

      I love how he Yanks it out of her hand in his head he was probaly thinking what in the name of tarnation is wrong with you people youre so rude

    68. Yes

      100000000 social credit for the child and -10000 for the adults

    69. Pauline Backhouse

      Yes, yes some children can teach adults how to behave 💙💙

      1. Pauline Backhouse

        @Gᴏᴏɢʟᴇ I know this is fake but do open your eyes and listen to how the blind people are treated. That’s what I mean so who’s the dumbass now

      2. Hatice Demirtaş

        @Елена Каримова 😯🙂😘😍 🙃

      3. Gᴏᴏɢʟᴇ

        @Pauline Backhouse it's clear that it's fake dumbass

      4. Asparagus

        @Çiğdem Akkuş its fake

      5. Pauline Backhouse

        @Gᴏᴏɢʟᴇ Don’t call me a dumb ass because things happen like that

    70. Mary Marquina

      Por eso niños siempre ayuden a los pobres para q les den phones 😊

    71. (бэд_варс)

      Мальчик хорошо поступил

    72. expresive_ekmb0

      Lindo corazón tiene ese nenito las otras personas son malaa

    73. Safari Sisters world

      That little 5 year old sweet kid rescued him that is so thoughtful

    74. Juju

      What a good little boy, and it really is true that when we do good things the reward comes later, Isn't it?

      1. Eucebio Moreno


      2. Severino Beijamim

        Você é boazinha eu gosto de eu gosto de

      3. Juju

        E olha que tenho 9 anos, eu faço aula de inglês, então bye bye!

      4. Juju

        E gente eu sou brasileira mas eu sou bilíngue kkkkk em fim, eu disse traduzido em português: que garotinho bom, e realmente é verdade que quando fazemos coisas boas a recompensa vem depois, não é mesmo?

    75. Luis Arriagada

      El niño es mui amable❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

      1. WYUVLSZ_Present

        Se escribe "muy"

    76. Cristian Mamani

      Eso es ser.un buen niño😁👍

    77. Jorge Vasquez Jr

      Is not a mistake✨ IS A MASTERPIECE✨

    78. Just shapes and beats

      Kindness is running out in this world

    79. nora malone

      I Love what that kid did to help...he has more heart than the adults

      1. ROMI DASH

        Shut up !! It's was fake because a kid with phone really and that kid save him then he jump in it SHit what a terrible acting

      2. Роберт Нуриев

        If english hate russia, why they taking russian tactic(bad russian tactic) :"for what help to take price if you can Steal it"...

      3. Anonymous anonymous

        But he will be adult at some time ...

    80. Madeleine Quintana

      Pueda ser actuado pero el enseña como ser cuando unas perzonas se caen y no darse cuenta las cosas que compran ellos lo que ahi es ayudarlo

    81. ( That Fusion Guy, )

      I feel bad for the people who think this is real

    82. Erin Estrada

      That little boy is so nice and grateful

    83. Oliver Härdin

      Detta är så riggat🤣

    84. SLimtt

      I'd like to have a gf like the highest girl in the second video but if she's a "not-running stealer" then im breaking up with her

    85. Javier Carreon

      Gracias 😊

    86. Brad Carter

      I love what the kid did so so cute

    87. Alejandro hello Romero

      what a good boy he is an hero

    88. Мистер Огонёчек

      ho but you have to imagine the head of the parents in vollient that he won that by saving someone's life

    89. darknight

      I would definitely help

    90. Debbie Short

      Good job on raising a good child. He is AMAZINGGGG!!

    91. 메나TV

      역시 착한짓을 하면 그거의 대한보상이 오는법 하지만 나쁜짓을하면 그거의대한 보상은 오지않는법

    92. JeLlY_OwL

      it's not a mistake it's a ✨MASTERPIECE✨

    93. 斉藤智之


    94. Jillia gamingtube

      i cant even stop watching

    95. Шура Шура

      Я тебе конечно верю, разве может быть иначе... Это наш с тобой секрет...

    96. Kateryn Herrera Rodríguez

      Yo ayudaría a la persona 🥺🥺

    97. Светлана Рыбакова

      Так хочется, чтобы все возвращали, жалко их, ворищек, они ущербные

    98. 포산 어린이 기현띠

      착하게살면 복이온다😊😊

    99. Eva Nsc

      Lindo demais 😇😇

    100. Esty official

      I really salute his little brother, he's smart enough to do good, he's always a good kid, and hopefully his brother can imitate his sister🔥💘

      1. Rizki Amalia

        Vdhd bs

      2. ناصر الرويس

        Hfyhfuhfuh has a very strong reputation in this case that he is a good person to have a great life in 💔

      3. ناصر الرويس

        PhD students and the new