Måneskin - Zitti E Buoni - Italy 🇮🇹 - Grand Final - Eurovision 2021

Eurovision Song Contest

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    Måneskin represented Italy at the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 with the song Zitti E Buoni
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    1. Eurovision Song Contest

      Read more about Måneskin here: eurovision.tv/participant/maneskin-2021

      1. Αρβανιτάκη Βιολέτα

        @CIA Central intelligence agency το ξέρω τι θα συμβεί και στην δεύτερη του και το δεύτερο σήμα και αυτά τα παιδιά της ηλικίας της είναι το πιο γλυκό και να το κάνει και η νίκη κατάλαβε τι ώρα κλείνουν όλα όσα συμβαίνουν

      2. Asya Afaunova


      3. Murir Baram

        @Gifh Gjfg gtz

      4. Sofi Sofija

        @CIA Central intelligence agency ❤️

      5. Sofi Sofija

        @CIA Central intelligence agency ❤️💖💗💝

    2. Tuğçe

      Can't stop watching this performance u r perfect guysss🥵

    3. Spiros Pavlou

      1st time listening to this song:not that good 2nd time:ok 3rd time:fav song And now I listen to it every day lol

    4. Fiki x

      Kim je ovde balkanac nek lajka komentar

    5. Naruto Uzumaki

      Rock is alive🤘🤘🤘

    6. Melimar

      Hello Måneskin - Zitti E Buoni - Italy 🇮🇹 - Grand Final - Eurovision 2021, my old friend

    7. andreia

      he is so hotttt

    8. Aren Paraguya

      Barbara: “it’s crazy that two french songs are on the top” Måneskin: “buonasera signore e signori”

    9. eliza__deth

      1:15 = 🥵

    10. Firat Zereyak

      avoniiiiiiii gengsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssstaaaaaaaaaa lovi lolooooooooooooo

    11. Ernestas Žiaukas

      Einasau ar tai ymanoma kad kainos taip padainuoti

    12. Salty Cactus

      His voice reminds me of Palaye Royale and I'm in lovveee

    13. Jenny Papa

      😫😫 i love him

    14. İrem Özkan

      Manga niye 1. olamadı

    15. Айяжан Нуржанкызы

      От них веет тройночком.

    16. anbe

      It's clean

    17. mikoy huio

      Ребята в этом выступлении напоминают Бременских музыкантов))) Я бы посмотрела с ними сериал хахах)))) ♥

    18. 1234qwer

      Im going to bologna to study my masters and wanted to search what music is popular in italy. Now im watching this lmao

    19. Luca Papadopoli

      Ora manca l'Europeo

      1. Luca Papadopoli

        @mikoy huio non ho capito un

      2. mikoy huio

        Olm çok iyi ya çıkamıyorm asla

    20. Zushi_

      good sonk

    21. Fabio Selvetti

      i francesi e gli olandesi muti ! cazzo di rock fanno ?

    22. Ivano Novoselac

      The best singer in the world, the best rocker voice, the best team ever well done on a victory, the whole world listens to your music, 👋👋🏆🥇🏅💟💟to the street to the world👋👋👋👋👋 Rokenrol will always live 🤟🤘🤘🤟💪💪💪🤘🤟💪Consou'll always remember you💟💟💟

    23. Winston H

      Love it

    24. Chiara Colombo

      i capelli di Ethan sono la mia vita

    25. game bawz fan

      Wie is nederland??

    26. ♡Элиза лайки♡

      Мммм ну не плохо...🗿🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

    27. Людмила Новицкая

      The best Eurovision winner ever ❤

    28. Рисец

      Привет всем, кто тоже заходит сюда по 10 раз на дню :D

    29. Gökçe Yılmazkaya

      Mangadan sonraki en iyi eurovision şarkımdir. Bu arada nasıl 1. olamadik biz nasillllll

    30. Azer Dzemic

      1:18-1:38 😳😳

    31. Kochka Shizik

      Извините кнч Но я снова сомневаюсь в том что в евровидение выбирают лучших из лучших

    32. Amaan Storm

      I called it months ago. I said they're the kind of European band that would make it big in the UK charts because their sound is so British. And here we are with a number 17 for Zitti E Buoni, and now I Wanna Be Your Slave is heading for the top 10! They're an incredible band. His vocals are INSANELY good.

      1. Gianluca C

        LOL sounds nothing "SO British", it's clearly very Italian influenced and not only for many songs in Italian..also people should stop to be so anglo-centric. Western world is born in Greece and Rome, not Britain..

      2. Людмила Новицкая

        The song "I wonna be your slave" is the first in the charts in USA 😉

    33. JustMenken

      Manga: we could be the same >> all Eurovision songs

    34. Ilgın Salur

      Olm çok iyi ya çıkamıyorm asla

    35. ilayda


    36. Ettore Tonel

      I’m Italian and I’m proud of their honest and deserved victory. 🇮🇹🤟🏼Forza Måneskin. 💪🏼

    37. Anastasia S.

      я тоже так на гитаре хочу отжигать как Томас 😭

    38. A.S. 2D

      Still living rent free under this video. I regret nothing.

    39. Anastasia S.

      почему Этан не крутит и не подбрабывает палочки, барабанщики всегда этим выпендриваются)))

    40. Maité

      Here for my daily dose of Måneskin.

    41. Doom Henchman

      Me: I love this song Iceland: How does it keep getting better?

    42. Ayşenurrss


    43. sivan acikbas

      Manga nasıl kazanamadi ya

    44. кошечка Lyna


    45. mariaeus ch


    46. Seher Soysal

      If this song won, Manga would definitely win. please come back Manga

      1. Amaan Storm

        Manga are not in the same league. These guys are blowing up the charts worldwide. Also Damiano's vocals are insanely good. Manga did well, but they're just not on the same level

    47. ALYS

      Raga spaccate🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🔝

    48. Jakob Spang

      My understanding: 0% My favorite song: 100%

    49. Tyra Eriksson

      0:35 like it

    50. Black Star ASMR

      Das nennt man wohl Überrollen der Konkurrenz mit Perfektion.

      1. No Name

        absolut! :)

    51. Thuur van der Meij | LLN

      beetje gay is oke ciao ciao ciao

    52. eagle99aq


    53. laura Lindqvist

      Wauuu italy ♥♥

    54. Lidija Marković

      Beautiful. This song...

    55. excinereresurgo

      Victoria pare sempre debba cadere da un momento all'altro.

    56. переписки

      Классно,но по-моему меня обозвали

    57. I love YouTube

      Ahhh mi piace così tanto ma i miei gentitori dicono che questo non è una canzone 🥲

    58. Машик Polish

      А под комбез нельзя было что то одеть ? Шо он раком пляшет , ну песня прикольная

    59. Natalia

      3 weeks after the grand finale and still on trends in Greece!🇬🇷🔥🇮🇹🔝

    60. Kesha .B

      My heart... Idk whether I'm extremely unsettled by the fact that I won't ever be like this or that I won't ever meet someone like this. BOTH OF THE THOUGHTS ARE UNCOMFORTING

    61. Mery Said

      Why does the singer look like vampire

      1. Gianluca C

        Because in Italy we are VAmpires and Lycans. LOL

    62. Adnan Durak

      maNga nasıl 1. olamadı la

    63. szewei1985

      haha deng. they will give SCORPIONS a run 4 their money.

    64. TvoyKrash86

      Капец красиво

    65. zijuiy wttuy

      Basically everyone during their performance: "I'm not going to spend more money this week." Camera zooms on Damiano Alright here we go

    66. Andrey Lindholm

      That's much, much better than Manizha's trash. Great job, Italy!

    67. Napcan ki adımı ?

      Im DYIIINGGG 😳

      1. zijuiy wttuy

        my nation. Yeah, I’m italian and proud of them 🥺

    68. Mila Sharudin

      They only 22, 21 and 20 y/o thoo😭

    69. muhSabri Yunus

      i hope they can create many song in english

    70. Nati Lévano

      I literally discovered the band yesterday, I’m obsessed now

    71. Fernando Yamaguchi

      It is only me or all that Italy - France drama reminded me of World Cup 2006 final? Also, for me Italy in recent years at Eurovision looks like the Azzurri: when they are "dark horses", they win. Before the rehearsals, nobody would have guessed Maneskin would win as it was something very different from what Italy was sending to the ESC.

    72. Joaquin Suárez

      Grande Miguel quintana

    73. Cecilia Ababio

      Freddie Mercury would be proud

    74. Ciaran Cx

      I’m one of the lucky non Italians who found Maneskin early, been loving them and their music since 2018 and I’m so happy they’re now getting the recognition they deserve. Italian music is great and I hope now the world can appreciate it, enough of English music!

    75. Samsung J2 Core

      Meu,irmão, os caras é pé na porta!!!parabéns!

      1. Samsung J2 Core

        Quando vamos ter o prazer de assistir vocês aqui no Brasil? por favor, venham logo!❤🤓

    76. Ouassim Hallitou

      I get Need for Speed vibes… anyone else too?

    77. Ricardo Guimarães

      This song is the best thing in the universe. Ok, sex is good too.😁

    78. Fatih Teoman Kaya

      Like a FIFA song.

    79. Дмитрий Бочков

      Они на Евровидении звучат лучше чем на студийке... Просто перепел себя...

      1. Арина

        Ну да там же стараться надо

    80. Angeliki Tompoulidou


    81. The Appreciator

      2:24 omg this bit is amazing

    82. Greta Gigli

      La loro vittoria è stata una bella botta per i bigotti che li criticavano durante Sanremo. Un altro motivo per andarne fieri 😊 Their victory was a severe blow to the bigoted people of my nation. Yeah, I’m italian and proud of them 🥺

    83. Andrea Cigala

      I don't understand how these kids who are barely 20 years old can have such a strong stage presence

    84. Moshingmary 1972

      The more I listen, the more I love it ❤️🇬🇧

    85. ITA LIANO

      Porca puttena se sono forti

    86. Sabino Rinelli

      WoW. This is Italy after the Lockdown. .People got the messagge and went crazy for Them. The Scream for Freedom !!! This video Will be a Milestone in the history of Eurovision and Rock'nRoll. Simply Perfect and sincere talents at their best . Like a fresh shower after a desert tour or a warm Bath after a North Pole touring. Simply Back To The starry Sky. Real music playd with real instruments from the best old school at Last.

    87. Mark

      dont even like this song, but its catchy.

    88. Lou


      1. max ros

        lol me too😅

    89. Diana Aubrey

      This is about the 200th time I am watching this

    90. Masa Slavikovic

      *How does it keep getting better?*

    91. Hashtagsandtapas

      Have you seen the reaction as they are touring in the Netherlands today 😭🤩

    92. l dia

      The instruments were live as well? Just wondering! cool performance

      1. Gianni N.

        No instruments or background vocals are live in Eurovision, only lead vocal.

    93. Isabella Bäckström Jonson Mö3b

      its rock

    94. Of Dragons and Books

      God the beginning never gets old. Still feel completely flustered by the performance, amazing Song and Band

    95. Tharanga Rajapaksha


    96. Iveta L

      Never before have I watched a Eurovision winner so many times

    97. ースエイプアグストキ

      Песня крутая,но не чувствуется в голосе страсть и энергия.Чувство,будто он спел,чтобы от него отстали.

      1. Eugenia Lappies


      2. Sofia Ftits


    98. Grande Lento

      Sì, ma intanto ITALEXIT🇮🇹👋🇪🇺

      1. max ros

        ma che dici? sei fuori di testa?

    99. Giannos Georgiou

      Λίγο καλο

    100. Madalina Mihailescu

      Damiano is 22 years old, say whaaaaat?