Billie Eilish - Lost Cause (Official Music Video)

Billie Eilish

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    Directed by Billie Eilish

    Special thanks to Ashley Nickole, Joya Jackson, Kerrice Brooks, Lexee Smith, Nataly Santiago, Yuliana Maldonado

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    Music video by Billie Eilish performing Lost Cause. © 2021 Darkroom/Interscope Records


    1. Dashrath Bhargav

      Heard the lyrics on reels. Sounded like me so came here straight away.

    2. rose bs



      بيلي همات طالعه عينها

    4. RITESH Yadav

      People came after watching jine mera dil lutiya remix meme😂😂

    5. honey

      people really need to stfu, just because she doesn't dress the way she did before, they canceling her??? it's her body she's allowed to do with it what she wants...

    6. Marcos Felipe Santos

      Acordei e Billie está sendo cancelada ... mais um dia normal apenas 😂

    7. avocados

      She used to be hating on herself, I'm so glad she's happier & more confident now... :)

    8. Tanjiro Robinson

      She is ma queen I know she has been through a lot but she has stayed strong so I love her and I hope she knows so many love her

    9. 达努佳

      😍😍😍😍she's soo gorgeous

    10. 达努佳

      I love billie now. I think she just got rid of all those embarrassing friends and got a more mature audience tht can see through all this cancel culture bullshit.

    11. Sunnys flowers

      no one think she could be bisexual tho---

    12. Bendie Sticks

      Next Miley on our hands. 😂”I’m 17 , time to hoe it up for media”

    13. Cabemix


    14. nada


    15. bowen voowy

      COMMON CALLED "rethinking and realizing"

    16. Melanie Zink

      Billieeeee I love you

    17. Gosmo Prabowo

      Can i get one🤣

      1. bowen voowy

        Changed she is not more covering

    18. 0.69 B

      this didn’t age well lmao

    19. Makhosazana Makhojwayi

      You broke my heart Billie

    20. 이용석


    21. Lola Dol

      I Love you

    22. The Weathersman

      relationship rehab....

    23. torilys

      Imagine calling your fans embarrasing. We gave you fame and this job. Don't you like it or what?

      1. anshuman singh

        You are exactly the kind of "embarrassing fans" she's talking about 😂

    24. Carl "CJ" Johnson

      I th8nk im perv my jr angry

    25. Ayejay Chhin


    26. Pledge Chill

      it sucks because you weren't that girl, even though you were, but now you made the other ones them. it shouldn't have been, right?

      1. Pledge Chill

        we like you but what about the others?

    27. Orions Eyden

      Liat apa lo anj jujur asw

    28. Thainá Oliveira

      Omg 😳😳 what ? ❤️❤️❤️ I love you billie 🥰❤️❤️❤️

    29. Kevin Christopher

      She always sounds like she in mourning, this video does not match the song at all.

    30. MD Arsalan

      Changed she is not more covering

    31. غالى مصر


    32. Cici Kuş


    33. Yisraela

      Lost Cause, how sad...stupid song. Her music is horrid.

    34. Donavan Oelofse

      Damn, New way of Mean

      1. Donavan Oelofse

        Talk about being Heartless

    35. it's M Music

      iconic twerk

    36. Dwij Dwij

      This whole video is so awkward. These girls are trying too hard to be segsy. To be smthing they are not. Yikes

    37. it's M Music

      Nobody in the mv; Me when billie twerks: 😮

    38. Malek Wright

      Wish I was there🙈

    39. Μαριαννα Ντεκα

      Perfect song like everything else

    40. jang wonyoung

      We gave her 7grammys for her asmr and she has the audacity to call us embarrassing dissappointed in you billie i am embarrassed for myself for stanning her and supporting her i actually thought you were UNPROMBLEMATIC

    41. Lee

      This comment gets popular.

    42. Ceren Karasu

      Not Billie queerbaiting and dating with a homophobe at the same time in the same week

    43. Miya tv

      Okay so Ik what going to me it looks like she just got a break up so she trying to make her self feel better about it so she hanging out with her friends or having a sleepover

    44. Bbhbhh Bhhh

      You changed

    45. Nicat İsgəndərli


    46. dmc gary

      But you got no job... Hahha

    47. Hitler

      Tf is this shit

    48. Ritika Kela


    49. Alister Quinny

      Sabse bakwas song

    50. Lo

      It’s great to see her at her happiest❤️❤️ go Billie !

    51. Suganın yumuşak yastığı #KİNGTAN👑💜

      Hair colour different

    52. Suganın yumuşak yastığı #KİNGTAN👑💜


    53. Esme Yıldız

      Whats happening to you Billie? Sad twerking :(

    54. Squzy .S


    55. ?m00n babe¿

      "If one day I dye my hair a color other than green, know that it's not me"

    56. Merva Venel


    57. Тимур Радригез

      ice ice ice ice baby 🤣

    58. marina

      You are a goddess

    59. Phantom Freeze

      yo ... she wuz playin us tha ENTIRE TIME 🤣😍

    60. MAURA DORE


    61. Arghavan Ghavam

      Perfect jshssnsnbsbsb I loooove youuuuuuu


      Тут есть русский?

      1. #Temik -_-


    63. tereyağı size kayacak

      Vücudunun konuşulmasını sevmeyen bu yüzden bol giyinen billie nerde??? Eski billie yi istiyorum!

      1. Miray Tonbul

        Artik kendine güvenli ama haklisin :c

    64. Anga Gogela

      Finneas though🔥

    65. Sophie

      I love seeing her dancing, pure happiness ✨✨

    66. مستحرقين / MQN FF

      WOW 🍯🍯🍯❤️✔️

    67. Anne Sandi

      1) she isn't queer baiting she confirmed her sexuality MULTIPLE times 2) you don't know if she's dating someone currently 3) if she is dating someone whose 30 and has said racist slurs in the past I hope you have a brain to realise that people ✨change ✨ 4) perhaps he is racist, but you don't know what goes behind the cameras 5) perhaps she is queer baiting, but do you have any proof that she was actually willing to queer bait? Nope you don't 6) now I hope that 1 brain cell that you have, that you realise the fact that she's a human, and go attack someone else who actually is racist. And realise the fact that your toxic af ❤️❤️❤️

      1. Lilzy Grilzy

        @jenna? exactly

      2. jenna?

        first of all she has confirmed she is STRAIGHT. do you even know what queerbaiting is? she is a straight girl using lgbtq for attention. and by dating someone who is racist that makes YOU racist because you are defending them and that part of them.

      3. Lilzy Grilzy

        do your research hun-

      4. #Temik -_-



      She is happier now :)

    69. R.R.B

      What's the name of all the girls out there??

    70. Rock'n Bağlama

      thanks for help girls

    71. Júh Esther Cunha

      O surto kkkkkk

    72. alip alip

      feel so good to understand all her

    73. Raden Syah



      La música no pega con el video, el tempo va cada uno por su lado, nefasta edición, me espero al remix.

    75. Ade Gross

      Don't get me wrong I think its wrong what bils doing but DAYUMN THIS IS A BOP ASF

    76. Anne Sandi

      Oh so your not supposed to "love girls" when you have a boyfriend? What's wrong with ya'll? She already confirmed her sexuality. Your being toxic hope you know that 😍


      Hmm.. I love Billie ❤️❤️but she changed a lot 😂😂still support u ❤️

    78. Dig Dim135

      Brasileirão ❤️🇧🇷


      Favorite female Artist worldwide ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    80. xxx_itz_ruby_xxx

      This vid sus 🥶

    81. Amr Salah


    82. Philipp V.

      On x1.25 speed this song even more amazing.

    83. ๑ n α σ f α m í ๑


    84. Ni8vr


    85. Shalini S

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    86. Elene Bucxrikidze


    87. irem korunur

      Çok değiştin ya 😔

      1. Miray Tonbul

        AYNEN 😭😭😭😭

    88. Sudeep Kulkarni

      Disclaimer :- No lays packet were harmed during this time..