Hamster Pop It Maze

The Secret Life of my Hamster

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    Hamster Pop It Maze

    გამოქვეყნდა თვის წინ


    1. Avery Wang

      I tried making a maze for my bunny! It was soo hard. YOU ARE SOO SMART :)))

    2. Dorinda Carver

      i love

    3. Edi Boscutti

      2:18 the moment that scared me the most.

    4. Jhecaaninha Pereira

      PARABÉNS 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

    5. Ismail Mokhtar

      a best rabiit



    7. Ruben Gallegos


    8. caner utangan

      Neden burdayım ?

    9. Victor Manuel Flores Alejandre


    10. Lethicia Barros


    11. nikitalive


    12. Aastha Little Toca girl

      Right now while watching this I am playing with a pop it

    13. 주현정

      저걸 만든 사람도 참 대단하다...

    14. bing zhang

      what are you doing to pop it

    15. Egor

      Люблю твою Морскую свинку

    16. Shohid Miah

      Pop it!

    17. Not_CastlersYT


    18. Banjo Kat

      i can imagine them flicking the hamster so they could get their money from trends

    19. ion valentin


    20. シュウジ

      頑張ってますね〜、賢いし可愛いし(●´艸`)ムフフ ちゃんと考えてますね( ¨̮ )

    21. Murielle Sambimanan

      vous avez plain de pop it est votre hamster est tros jolie love

    22. Nordin Arshad

      Ko tak tau

    23. Виолетта Мокрицкая


    24. Azwar Anas

      Why the hamster so smartt!!!

    25. Johan Cloud

      wow amazing hamster like you you

    26. Hh Jpk

      Squide hamster 🐹

    27. Paola Citlalli Vazquez Trejo


    28. Karoline Lavor

      🤩🤩 que ele faz isso?😁

    29. Berkah Animal Official

      waoooow i like pop it

    30. Vitória Moura


    31. Sanja Mitrovic

      Maj nem iz Neda🖕🖕🖕

    32. Sanja Mitrovic


    33. Sanja Mitrovic


    34. HamsterGANG

      Nice vid but.. DONT HARM YHE HAMSTERSS

    35. Marysol Karolina Herrera


    36. David

      Was denkt wohl dieser Hamster?

    37. Ruth Ana Santos

      I love mouse

    38. Marvin Joel Ruiz


      1. Ruth Ana Santos



      Hamstr not animal

    40. Gertjan Kool

      Amazing Squid Game for animals

    41. Sapphire Helmstaedt

      I can see you put a lot of work into building this maze but it really isn't the safest thing for our pet hamsters to be going through. Some of the moving items could have squishes the hamster or he could've gotten a limb stuck. Styrophome balls can be very dangerous if ingested and the same if he would chew on the pop its... Please don't be putting your hamster in such a stressful situation! Mazes can be made from cardboard without all of these unsafe materials and that can be fun for your hamster and not just stressful. I don't mean to be rude just trying to give advice! :)

    42. Apple


    43. شادية الدوسري


    44. Life Of Pets HamHam

      I really like them and look forward to making it for my hamster

      1. nhím nhỏ nguyễn


      2. Paul Nicavera


      3. Paul Nicavera

        @biel gamer eeie

      4. Paul Nicavera

        @biel gamer Úeuruei

      5. Perşin Sezer

        @biel gamer jıı

    45. Михаил Журавлев

      Где а4?

    46. Welch_1990

      They should have had 2 hamsters and the last one should have got eliminated Squid game style

    47. adroane mello


    48. adroane mello


    49. Jhanny Martinez


    50. Jhanny Martinez


    51. Larz Christie

      I Have A Hamster!

    52. Cecília Gusmão Girão

      Legal !

    53. Marzena Blasiak

      bruh y u abusing hamster

      1. Some kid

        exactly they want these hamsters to be stew bruh

    54. Gennaro PICCOLO


    55. Tatá Kiss🤡

      Legal 😃

    56. Дмитрий Кирпичев


    57. Maria Eduarda Souza Moraes

      eu queria um popat dese??

    58. Zollo The bollo

      The big

    59. Zollo The bollo


    60. Zollo The bollo




    62. ↪love↩


    63. İjlal Yılmaz

      this hamster is so cute

    64. denisha muthu

      I love the hamster can you land me it for one daythen I give you you say OK I send you my Address

      1. Some kid

        dont send anybody your address especially sketchy hamster people

    65. Saeed Ali


    66. freddin

      probably one of the best videos ive ever seen in my entire life

    67. Rob W

      I love hamster

    68. Le Uyen

      what an amazing video!! we alos LOVE hamsters, and make fun videos of them! Good job hamster!!!

      1. شادية الدوسري


    69. Esther Garcia

      I don't know how i finish here

    70. 박창일

    71. Олеся Карибова


    72. AH

      Good exercise and brain training. Eat more and then lose weight

    73. stan enhypen

      very cute hamster 🙃

    74. can this grunt get lot of subs

      I hate pop it

    75. Hell boy

      WOW a amazing job

    76. Йєby /\иБepдУ - Cкpєby 3вєздУ


    77. Valentina Kolesnikova


    78. Pankaj Rajput

      wow! cute hamster

    79. Gilmar Rodrigues

      Onde que é isso mida. O bicho

    80. Leah UwU

      Sooo cuttteeee!!!

    81. noah davis


    82. cristiano marques pereira

      I love ou

    83. Ana Ribolzi

      Horrible osea esa cosa que hacis wiiic wiiic hiciste trampa yo vi

    84. Hendre Rosa

      hamsters are very smart right

    85. MatweGen

      3:18 Esa rata come mas que yo en un mes.

    86. Daniel Junke

      When the aliens come to judge whether to let humans go extinct or join the Galactic Federation...this video will save us.

    87. روز المطيري


    88. Ramazan Saldik



      The mice was so 😍cute

    90. Pauline Bocquillon

      tu a telment de pop it

    91. samuel


    92. EnderKitty.net

      why is there amogus? i thought amogus was over

    93. Amanda White


    94. Wilane Maria Malaquias Rosario


    95. My Hamster

      LOVE hamsters

    96. Naile Gürcan

      Aabii sen hemşire için kolaylaştırıyoosuuun

    97. Граф Орлофф

      what kind of music is playing please tell me

    98. inter cre

      dedicated to mexican polticians nothing intelligent but they are RATS

    99. Kyndra Ring

      I love your vids and your hamster he is so cute and so smart

    100. Sarah Johnson

      I've got a hamster called henry