어몽어스 오징어 게임 Squid game with 8 FNF Characters | BoyFriends, Daddy Dearest, Minus Sarvente,Morphle ...

Zon Zon Animation

Zon Zon Animation

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    어몽어스 오징어 게임 Squid game with 8 FNF Characters | BoyFriends, Daddy Dearest, Minus Sarvente,Morphle, Groom, Slever, MinCraft Girl, Annie
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    1. Seegi 코리아

      와 진짜 대박이다..어떻게 저렇게 잘표현했지? 그리고 너무 귀엽당ㅠㅜ

    2. Cheeky Weeky Woogly Goo

      M- MORPHLE!?!?!?!

    3. JellyMan

      Humanity is evolving..... *Backwards*

    4. sotuur aeei


    5. bilij pdan

      Dont make bf lose

    6. Nonsense


    7. swe zin

      Stopqgw who vhv lq

    8. laeyn

      this is disgusting by anyones standards

    9. Noah Rigor

      GEburn kids be like:

      1. bilij pdan

        Wow superb

    10. Drei

      I can't believe kids watch this wtf

      1. sotuur aeei

        Wow superb 😍

    11. Juancito Gavilan


    12. koiun dwrru

      Los que no tienen neuronas en 1981:

    13. chding zuure

      This is so sad

    14. King Pig

      Ssssqqqqquuuuuuiiiiidddddd gggggaaaammmeeee

    15. Оксана Новикова


    16. Оксана Новикова

      R fe. We. FCC cv

      1. koiun dwrru

        Oh no cingeee

    17. Egg.

      Finally, a good GEburn recommendation

      1. My Last Piece Of Hair

        @chding zuure exactly

      2. chding zuure

        WTF is this video? Cringe, overused FNF characters. + squid game because we just like holding on the trend.

    18. IV4N OFFIC14L


    19. IV4N OFFIC14L


    20. gtoss chddy

      Why Why does this exist

    21. Elwendingo_posting

      Los que no tienen neuronas en 1981:

    22. lior yunfh

      Wow superb 😍

    23. Johan Jeivick Domrique

      Morphel..... PLS

    24. massan dyatma


      1. gtoss chddy

        This is the worst of all vid I've ever seen and ship me with skid and feel that me bullying you


      what is this monstrosity

    26. agam payama


      1. lior yunfh


    27. samu El

      *It's time to repent and seek JESUS* .He gave his life, and suffered the wrath of the Father in the cross, to save you from a eternal hell. For God loves you, but the sin must be punished. On the third day He raised from the death, showing to the world that He is God. So stop sinning and clean your life. He returns soon to judge and destroy the sinners. *Read the Bible.* *THE END IS NEAR.*

    28. L I T E 🔥

      WOW NICE GAME ❤️❤️❤️

      1. chding zuure

        Help my eyes

    29. Top Model


    30. madness и ГД

      Oh no cingeee

    31. A guy who likes to comment

      WTF is this video? Cringe, overused FNF characters. + squid game because we just like holding on the trend.

    32. hy chloe

      Sarv was so helpful

    33. brooklynne playz

      morphle and minecraft girlfriend killed there selfs so sarvene can win

    34. Jhoseth Guerrero

      Que triste

    35. Mega Man gamer 421

      But what is morphle doing here with the FNF characters????

    36. Frany Peña


    37. Jose Portillo


    38. Crystal♌

      This is the worst of all vid I've ever seen and ship me with skid and feel that me bullying you

    39. Australian Wizard

      Elsagate much?

    40. Doge XD


    41. Iceduty :]

      No... just no... please...

    42. x010


    43. frankie Didlock

      I do not like the video

      1. Cheeky Weeky Woogly Goo

        You made a wise choice my friend.

    44. (ruvคนไทย)


      1. (ruvคนไทย)


    45. Серёжа Молодец

      Ще не ме хуйня?

    46. PolarXD


    47. Fishats

      How is this getting so many views?

      1. Cheeky Weeky Woogly Goo

        Maybe those are bot views.

    48. deegii zundui

      Bro u don’t even know what squid game or fnf is, you just do it because it is popular

    49. TheManBehind TheSlaughter

      Help my eyes

      1. TheManBehind TheSlaughter

        I got a heart-

      2. deegii zundui


    50. im not here


    51. TUTORIAL WOW !

      *Makin ke sini squid game makin ga ada harga dirinya*

      1. Raion


    52. Карим Кумбосар

      What a f...

    53. Знакомый человек

      Sarvente helped everyone except her own son, and so glad about it

    54. Bangkit Kembali

      Anjir di indo trending

    55. ~•Emma and Cøøkíê•~

      This is cringe

    56. •Ronnie•


    57. Šílený Jůtuber

      Selver good Sarvent bad

    58. Hazel Clavel


    59. 파란괴물

      사르브가 지아들은 배신하다

      1. chding zuure

        I can't believe kids watch this wtf

    60. Kenneht Viana Perez

      tubo feo todo no seré grosero pero que feo no es cierto si me gusta :)

    61. Lucia Earle

      That was so so nice☺️ I believe the fosters

    62. Dhea Safitri


    63. Brian and Bethenia Hays

      Sarv didint want money she wanted her friends 🥺

    64. George Guerrero

      Poor sar

    65. TimryZ

      GEburn kid at 3AM:

    66. Eric Jethrokusumo

      sarvante in the vid is normal sarvante not minus sarvante

      1. Eric Jethrokusumo

        and where the heck is boyfriend

    67. Sebastian Cifuentes


    68. Seang Sokunthea

      Good 👍

    69. angela alvarez

      C R I N G E

      1. 🅱️icoooohsjdgdgd

        i made me cringe so i agree

      2. 🅱️icoooohsjdgdgd

        @Lazy5830 looks like they agree even though they made this video

      3. Lazy5830

        and they hearted it lol

      4. Jayz Coverz


      5. Minerva Ferrer

        Too cringe

    70. Pedro Lucas

      Litle shit animation of shit animation trash

    71. Alexis Ernesto


    72. el canal del engaño


    73. Grace Liu


    74. Horror Family

      Wow superb 😍

      1. A guy who likes to comment

        Superb because it's very cringe LMAO

      2. deegii zundui


    75. NINJAXD

      Que porqueriaaaaa

    76. chaos• 90 years ago

      GEburn kids at 3.am:AAOA AOALAOA AOAZ AKXVAKXV aka z

    77. Jhony

      bro the cringe lmao

      1. deegii zundui


    78. Randi Mcgrew

      what the f-

    79. Čåřţøøñ Çäţ

      1:55 oh no😨

    80. kevin on discord

      Little red and girl friend at the end: "sarvente.." "thank you..." "For helping us..."

      1. Stacey Vasilovich

        “Little red” is calls morphle have you ever watched it?

    81. GatoGameYT

      es la animacion mas estupida que e visto

    82. white - tubby

      Atleast you won, sarvente.

    83. Foreign Currency movies


    84. 大友さやか


      1. angela alvarez


    85. Super Layken World

      It was cringe af

    86. Ana lia Cordero Sánchez


    87. Ghost Dave

      Man, talk about cringe

      1. deegii zundui


    88. TheDryCreekDude

      We stray further from god everyday

    89. lion days

      GEburn kids be like:


      thats so annoying

    91. Princess bubblegum


    92. mini fan de deku

      No tan malo es él vídeo que va a dañar la serie por lo cringe

    93. ʟᴇᴍᴏɴ ғᴀɴ𝟽𝟾𝟿𝟻

      Ouch! Me:*recording piper Brawl stars laugh*

    94. dreamer lote

      youtube kids be like

    95. Pietro Henrique


    96. Ethan Turner

      The hell is thos

    97. Birthday 3 and Plastic Maiile and Keesha

      yEsssssss Sarv winnn!!!!!!!

    98. Cheerful_Painter

      This person has no life

    99. Ricardo Master

      GEburn kids me like

      1. Ricardo Master