House Of The Dragon | Official Teaser | HBO Max



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    Gods. Kings. Fire. Blood.

    House Of The Dragon is coming to HBO Max in 2022.


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    House Of The Dragon | Official Teaser | HBO Max

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    1. HBO Max

      House Of The Dragon is coming to HBO Max in 2022.

      1. nitin angadi

        Please don't repeat like season 8 😭

      2. sachin k.r

        Game of thrones tamil dubbed please

      3. Gülay Yaman

        Wonderfull 🤍

      4. Lukas Lambraia

        Please don’t have your writers stop caring and ruin the show

      5. Asad Abdullah

        Can you release Hindi dubbed in India..

    2. Zorbs


    3. Esteban Alvarez

      I hope you give a nice history to the king of the night

      1. Anjelica Snorcket

        @Esteban Alvarez The Night's Watch is a thing, but at this point in the story, the White Walkers are just a long forgotten myth. I don't imagine it'll come up.

      2. Esteban Alvarez

        @Anjelica Snorcket I hope they do, he deserves better

      3. Anjelica Snorcket

        He probably won't be mentioned at all. It's just the Targaryen civil war.

    4. Patricio


    5. Order Mywatch

      Опять BLM лезет отовсюду.

    6. The Prince

      When is going to start ?

    7. bünyamin araz

      Sait it

    8. Michael Madison

      Let George RR Martin finish his books and maybe they will even right the original sin. :) He wasn;t happy with the TV ending either.

    9. Goose

      They should put a lot of time into this and rush the last season

    10. edible JP-8

      If they say "this show has 8 seasons" quickest way to induce fear

    11. laurence

      لو خليتو النهاية خرا نفس got اجي ادقكم واحد واحد

    12. Fred Trinidad

      The narrator sounds like Richard Madden (Rob Stark)

      1. Anjelica Snorcket

        Matt Smith.

    13. justin Alexander

      Question. How can I watch this on release in Canada. Hard to believe HBO will sacrifice the Canadian market viewership on release. Had digital cable for original GOT but only using firestick with streaming apps now. Any suggestions

    14. Playersson

      really want kit harington in this

    15. House Targaryen

      I wonder what D&D are doing now? And I wonder if they know on a daily basis they are hated for ruining one of the best shows ever created in the history of television. I can't unsee Season 8.

      1. maulCS

        They're directing things like the Leslie Jones: Time Machine comedy special.

      2. Anjelica Snorcket

        They have a contract at Netflix.

    16. Vishal💜⟭⟬

      Love from India🇮🇳 👍🔥

    17. FRISHR

      Targaryen then: "Dreams didn't make us kings, dragons did." Targaryen now: "I dun wan it."

      1. Esteban Alvarez

        He wasn't raiced by targeryans so...

      2. L

        Hard to think you're a god with no dragons or magic 🤷‍♂️

    18. Jayy


    19. Wii DuB

      Why is Ramsey Bolton narrating this?

      1. Anjelica Snorcket

        He's not. It's Matt Smith who plays Daemon.

    20. god level

      Here for the culture

    21. Random Vids

      It’s gonna be hard to watch knowing it will all be for nothing in the end.

    22. Gaming With Navi

      I hope that this one has the aegons conquest

      1. Gaming With Navi

        @Anjelica Snorcket 😑 ya i know it world have been glorious

      2. Anjelica Snorcket

        It's the civil war and not the conquest.

    23. rohith rajan

      Can't wait to see Balerion!!

      1. Anjelica Snorcket

        @rohith rajan It is, but this is about the civil war. Which is about 100 years after the conquest.

      2. rohith rajan

        @Anjelica Snorcket oh is he ? Sorry I haven't read the book yet. I thought that's the dragon, Aegon rode

      3. Anjelica Snorcket

        He's already dead when this starts - unless there's a flashback or something.

    24. Inzimam Ahmad

      Who makes you king Arya : No one 😂

    25. Christina Braam

      Phew I hate smoking!

    26. Santana Williams

      I hope they toned down on the incest scenes lol not trynna see all that

      1. Casper Malmborg

        Doubtful considering Targaryens are involved

    27. This is not My sandwich

      OMG!! Got so excited with this trailer that it actually gave me hiccups. Can't wait!!😍😍😍

    28. Zachary Walker

      We better get a "field of fire".

    29. Jinhee

      نزلوه قبل لا اموه

    30. Abdul Muiz

      Please let it be the story of Aegon the conqueror.Show all its conquests ,his dragon balerion and his sisters who rode with him.

      1. Anjelica Snorcket

        It's the civil war, not the conquest.

    31. Second Sun

      Every time a new GOT series comes out on HBO, the gods flip a coin and the world holds its breath..

      1. House Targaryen


    32. Amanpreet Kaur

      “Dreams didn’t make us kings, dragons did.” Boy shut up the Targaryens are in Westeros because one Valyrian chick had one dream one time

    33. HR Дмитрий

      Targaryen black now? WTF

      1. l jasthi#

        They're not targeryans.. The black one's are valeryons.. They supposed to be white, but the show changed them to black, not to confuse them with targeryans.. As all of them look alike

    34. Jeep jhlicAjb

      Namas le cambian el final porfa

    35. PRAKASH it my telephone telepolor DreamWarstonNER

      Its my story in side

      1. PRAKASH it my telephone telepolor DreamWarstonNER

        i slap vedaprakas.Dr Dot want brazil University finish soon give me dead report stay in my Mysore Bangalore pepole warring 'or else finish bargolore

      2. PRAKASH it my telephone telepolor DreamWarstonNER

        Siva PRAKAS

    36. The 6th Floor

      I hope this new crop of HOD actors do not try to imitate the ones from GOT.

    37. Darko Ignjatic

      Just finished with season 8. Can anyone tell me why are you all so upset about season 8 and ending? Could be better of course, but still is pretty good.

      1. Darko Ignjatic

        @Cameron Bayat now I understand it. I start watching this show 1 month ago and finished last week. Probably will also be disapointed with 8.season if waiting 8 years for it to happen.

      2. Cameron Bayat

        Didn’t make sense. Needed a few more seasons to show Dany’s turn to the dark side. A lot of the great dialogue and writing that made Thrones great in the first place was gone. There’s seemingly no consequences for actions and an 8 year long storyline was resolved in an hour and a half with minimal impact. If you’ve binged the show for the first time then it’s easy to see why you might feel like it was decent, but if you’ve waited for over 8 years and this is the result, it’s pretty underwhelming. Still tho, Game of Thrones is my favourite TV show of all time, I just pretend it ended in S6.

    38. Asta x666

      Who is going to compose melody for this series ?

      1. Cameron Bayat

        Ramin Djawadi Same guy who composed all of Game of Thrones

    39. ujjwal


    40. Adventurous Mughal

      Fan made

      1. Cameron Bayat

        The channel literally says HBO Max……..

      2. Anjelica Snorcket


    41. Ravinder Rawat

      This is going to be epic .. can't wait from India 🇮🇳

    42. rojin quezon

      200 years before the worst ending in HBO

    43. Francisco Perez

      Ta potente!

    44. Tarius Saggi

      I wonder if Lady Melisendre will appear in the show. She is 400 years i GoT. So she will be 200 years old.

    45. Rita

      It looks promising.

    46. Sukhi Kalyan

      I can’t wait 😜

    47. H8B7L

      Maaan, the finale (and to a lesser extend seasons 5-7) killed all the interest I had in anything GoT related. The Dance is really interesting but boy do I not care about this world and its mythology anymore.

    48. J. P.

      What's the point. It's a prequel to garbage.

    49. Tylenial

      Ok cool. Now re-shoot season 5 - 8 of Game of Thrones and we'll be all set.

      1. Cameron Bayat

        7-8. 5 had its moments and the last half of 6 was great.

      2. Nia Daniels

        You'll be watching.

    50. kaz atak

      with so many mixed people in the show im trying to understand how Daenerys looks the way she did. really confusing. seems like more diversity pandering to be honest. Some of the people just look like aliens. and yeah the show kind of ended bad.

    51. Light

      Is they gonna stretch this till death of mad king and rule of Baratheon’s…..they should

      1. Anjelica Snorcket

        I don't think they are, the story seems to be just the Targaryen civil war, for which there is source material.

    52. Joe Vincent

      many have come to be next got, but now new got literally exist

    53. frank gallagher

      I can't wait

    54. Nick Slender

      Yeeaah, no.

    55. jerry trejo

      Is there gonna be a hot black chick with blonde hair or that to much fantasy

      1. Shiku Bah

        Yes Laena Velaryon :)

    56. Rob

      Can't wait....this book was sooooo good.

    57. Nikhil Raj

      Jon Snow: Now it's time to watch my father how good he is?

      1. Anjelica Snorcket

        Jon's father is not in this.

    58. FRISHR

      “Dreams didn’t makes us kings, nukes did.”

    59. A Kirianu


    60. upload2010

      Is that Ramsey narrating it? The actor I mean...

      1. Pinank

        No , It's Matt Smith

    61. Alex Cardona

      It does not bother me that Daenerys died but She died like a villan, she deserved better.

    62. Juan Rodriguez

      We know how it ends so what’s the point?…

    63. Mikey pizza 1014

      I read the books and they were amazing . I’m assuming the people with the white dreadlocks are valerians because they were very important in books. I could be wrong because I don’t know who they are but The valerians were said to be very pale so at least the dreadlocks are right .

    64. Queen of the Ashes

      Ok but can we talk about how SICK the throne looks 😍😍😍

    65. vijay kidecha

      When in 2022?

      1. Nia Daniels

        I'm guessing October

    66. Shiro Yasha 💮

      correct me if I'm wrong but I never heard of a black Targaryen

      1. l jasthi#

        They're not targeryans, the black one's are valeryons. They supposed to be white, but the show changed them to black, not to confuse them with Targeryans(as all of then look alike)

      2. April Nouvelle

        Черные Таргариены это позор кинематографа)

      3. Nia Daniels


      4. Mary Aboagye

        Now you have

      5. Mary Aboagye


    67. H H

      house of the doctor

    68. José Antonio

      O universo Game of Thrones vive 🔥🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    69. Devannie 🦕


    70. maulCS

      Yay for mediocrity

    71. Sushil Thapa

      I was going to look if D&D were involved in the show and google gave the suggestion.....looks like i am not the only one wondering ....

    72. Robert Jones

      Real or naw cause slame if it ain’t

    73. evormanweenor

      I hope this flops for a few reasons.

    74. Ki1ngOfGods

      Who here got goosebumps while watching this? Wow

    75. Andrés Zimbrón

      I Can't WAIT for it

    76. TheGency15

      Repent for your sins thank and pray to God

    77. Steve

      0:39 I know they're trying to seem more inclusive, but how exactly does a famously inbred family become multiracial?

    78. Artimex

      And he's still not ginger...

      1. Zor


    79. Vikash Kumar

      Please make this time in hindi language all seasons

    80. Balih Gdah

      I didn’t like Alicent in the books, but she looks AWESOME in this show. I can’t wait

    81. Daenerys Targaryen

      Being Daenerys, and let her tell the story of her ancestors

    82. Abdulloh Makhmudov

      I'm looking forward to it. Hope this also will be as interesting as GOT

    83. Bscaine Bees

      They should start with: "Not from the creators of last season of Game of Thrones".

      1. Ian Vera

        you'll still watch

      2. Anjelica Snorcket

        D&D did all 8 seasons. Not just the last one. And S1-4 are pretty good.

    84. Alice De Joyce

      Rề ni > hightower

    85. john ro

      Civil war betwen Targaryen houses doesnt sound too good. It would have been better to see how Targaryen conquered the known world , the first time they had dragons

    86. Onalenna Mpedi

      I love GOT. I would have ratherhad a spin off of how aegon nd his sisters toke over westoros. M gona watch house of the dragon nd probably love it, yet its GOT all over again, throne politics nd violence.

    87. Gerard Jagroo

      Will they be skipping the Blackfyre Rebellion? Boring! Who wants to watch one entitled incompetent idiot fight another selfish entitled incompetent idiot for the Iron Throne? Both Rhaenyra and Aegon were morons full of silly notions of what they're entitled to but no duty or responsibility to the ordinary people. At least the Blackfyre Rebellion had interesting and capable figures like Baelor Breakspear Maekar Daemon Bittersteel and of course Bloodraven!

    88. Sekake Molapo

      I'm still mad they ruined one of my favorite fictional characters of all time to a drooling "I dun't wantit"

    89. jj b

      The Wheel Weaves as the Wheel Wills.

    90. ThisTroper

      Glad to see Prince Philip reincarnated into a proper King rather than jist a consort.

    91. Stylish MK

      End of JON Snow's character was not impressive. Our expectations was more. So I don't like this series and I am not going to see i mean waste my time for another series. 🙄🙄😕👎👎👎👎👎👎

    92. sultan abdulaziz

      That voice is Daemon’s (Matt Smith)

    93. Daenerys Targaryen

      I used to love GOT, but season 8 ruined it. I can't watch this spin off, knowing how badly and stupid it all ends.

    94. DeathnoteBB

      I don’t even care for GoT (especially after what D&D did to it) but Matt Smith?! If he dies like 2 episodes in I’ll be upset but not surprised

    95. pblue3243 757910

      I’m curious to see who’s going to play Mushroom.

      1. Anjelica Snorcket

        Doesn't look like he's going to be in it.

    96. Kisara saswan

      please make got season 10 😯😯😯😯

    97. Odysseus Da Don

      There better be some starks in this

    98. Mabel Eihoda

      Start with the ending so I know if it's worth watching ...

      1. Anjelica Snorcket

        They mostly all die. Should be a fairly easy ending to land.

    99. The Snow Nigro

      Why is there a summer islander Targaryan?

      1. Anjelica Snorcket

        @The Snow Nigro I agree. Plus, House Velaryon is involved in that whole paternity issue, that, while obvious before, is gonna be very obvious now. Just the wrong House to go changing their color. When, like you said, there are plenty of other ways to add diversity to the story.

      2. The Snow Nigro

        @Anjelica Snorcket I mean sure, have black people in GoT, but let them represent black people in the GoT universe, in other words, let them be summer islanders. If they really want a black guy in the show, introduce a character that is an advisor, warrior, or whatever from the summer isles. That is much more original, they can expand on the universe in a creative way, and it doesn't feel so forced.

      3. Anjelica Snorcket

        @The Snow Nigro Yeah. It's stupid.

      4. The Snow Nigro

        @Anjelica Snorcket Strange. He seems to have turned a darker shade of black or two compared to the books/lore.

      5. Anjelica Snorcket

        It's Corlys Velaryon. 🤷

    100. Taraknath Ghosh

      Where is dragon??😁😁