I Was Bullied For Being Fat Until I Lost 80 Pounds In a Day

My Story Animated

My Story Animated

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    1. Emma Playz

      Everyone: Watching the video While Me: Searching "Fatty eats the world" channel on youtube

    2. Funneh


    3. Saheba Islam

      No problem if you are fat

    4. Perxon

      Why are all these stories about “modeling”

    5. Isaias Castillo

      "And I was plus size" Seriously? It just looks like she has a baggy shirt is all

    6. Me

      *Boggest Looser*

    7. Chen Yu Wong

      Guys I found the sequel I'm so skinny I can almost fly

    8. Sarah Castilho

      Me: finally a popular girl that don't make bullying- oh.. forget...

    9. Gracie Bitgood


    10. ᗷᒪIᑎKᘔYᑕE

      In every story deres a cute guy

    11. ᗷᒪIᑎKᘔYᑕE

      Shows skinny girl and calls her fat

    12. jency Francis

      is it just me or are baby elephants the cutest things ever!!

    13. rxsesi

      That’s physically impossible i’m pretty sure…?

    14. Latisha Lee

      I know how you feel

    15. Super girl gamer 💜


    16. 전하윤

      Wait a minute,, sheldon?! PLANKTON BISH IS THAT YOU

    17. Hamster people

      Im also called Lina

    18. CatTastic

      Thats quite sad, i admit. But i mean she has A PERFECT body in this video

    19. Lashika Parker

      In sud

    20. Nashuba kuba

      Title : I lost 80 pounds Me : do u even know how much 80 ponds ? I barely am 80 pounds anyways whatever makes u sleep at night

    21. Beileih@gmail.com Rinbeilei12

      I love this channel wow

    22. Coffeelove


    23. Sunny and the Group Channel


    24. Deze Kaas

      Ummmm 90lbs=40kg

    25. ʀ ɪ s ᴇ.

      "Lost 80 pounds in a day " Bro

    26. Celeste Pearson

      when she sID SHE WAS plus size that was soo not true

    27. 🌺JaneQueen🌺

      This is soo much like coxo sparkles story that she just uploaded, you guys need to watch it too.

    28. Spark Trainer

      Love yourself for you are

    29. KoiTheDucky

      Why does the boy look like Adrian from miraculous ladybug

    30. Puppy

      I would of Said I hate you mom

    31. Zina Najmldin

      Wow I was finally relieved that the popular girl was nice to the bullied girl for once but I guess I celebrated too early.

    32. Lena Eid

      When your names Lena and is also overweight 💀

    33. Piper_gamesgacha Daily’s

      Next story: My pet squid found out about my cat and I got a surprise dolphin👁👅👁

    34. tina 🤍

      You don't need to change, you just have to be the way you are!

    35. Grachelle Anne G. Jaspe

      Pffftt... U know Sheldon? Baby elephants are CUTE!!!!

    36. Vanessa Selimi

      My fav character is the cat

    37. Valentine ESPENIORA

      you know loosing weight isnt the answer..one should learn to be confortable in their own skin and love themselves..if they can't love themselves how do they expect others to love them?it doesn't matter what people say...all you should care is what you say and think

    38. Tage Mossige


    39. KLV YT


    40. tree tree

      sheldon: these chairs lookin like friggin toothpicks omg why you use so low quality chair omg me before that: sheldon gon cheat on ya

    41. Dark

      EveryTime Someone In a Video uploads a Video* it Goessss Viralllll e

    42. Ardell Leonard

      The whole video ever since the glow up, I just said Fraya Fraya Fraya Fraya what about Fraya She’s going to do something cuz u r more popular then her now and are kinda ignoring her! Watch outttt

    43. Sammi Mueller

      Like sometimes the title is not what the video is about!

    44. Sxnfløwër

      Omg dude my name is Freya and I look like the girl in that called Freya lol

    45. Darinka Radnić

      My name is Leona lol

    46. •itz Gacha sparkle•

      I feel so bad for Ferrera

    47. Lalisa Manoban

      Eat, sleep, and stay happy. Always remember that ❤️

    48. Paul L

      40 kg is 88 pounds, not 80.

    49. Yosuf As

      5:19 italian guy

    50. Achilles come down


    51. Ewelima Smolarczyk

      Why did i think my phone got hacked at the end

    52. Sabrie Hendrickson

      i 'm your biggest fan i follow you sens when i was 4 years


      Im sad girl. My parents dont understand me

    54. •XxxSakuraYTxxX•

      Freya: exposes* Leena: BITCH WTF DID YOU DO Me: yuh gurl

    55. Green Lovers 🥰


    56. Kausani Ray

      It’s like the web series insatiable The story of patty bladel

    57. Sky kiddo

      But she didn’t lose 80 pounds in a day..

    58. Erica Jean

      Is the sounds got lower sometimes? I don't know cuz maybe my phone is broken 😭😭

    59. Navya Raina

      Who else searched "fatty eats the world"

    60. Madeline creates

      Like girl, teach your child good habits! “I’ll just give you ice cream because your sad”

    61. Faith Sabio

      Freya: hey your 5he new girl right? Earlier: “ freya the new and most popular Girl” Me: wha-

    62. Aashi♡♡

      5:19 lmao that accent I can't stop laughing🤣🤣

    63. Liv Lover♥

      I knew Freya was bad😒

    64. Clxiresbestiesxoxo

      Tbh her at the start she’s like so skinny-

    65. Ginetze Rodriguez

      I don’t know why but I’m obsessed with this video, I keep coming back to it 😅

    66. Ella Gossom

      i swear they all have the same voices

    67. 💙Lots of love

      Shalom to everyone.

    68. ITS GHINA  ☆.

      I like how she was talk like the Italian boy it’s maid me laugh😭😭

    69. IROQS


    70. mackynzie

      Who does not eat here😟😔

    71. Mymy_92

      Love your videos

    72. kitkat

      Is it just me or are these characters always skinny even though they say they're fat?

    73. LEANNA


    74. Erika Toland

      i love that mesige

    75. JERKY LORD

      Bruh, if a girl who looked like that lost 80 pounds she would literally be emaciated.

    76. Malik Truffle

      i'm really sorry for the kids that believe these...

    77. Claire Bear

      The accent 💀

    78. Lena Perak

      I am + size 😭😭😭😭

    79. SuperCraftyCutie

      1:59 Is that Adrien from MIRACULOUS?

    80. Ayebare Edith

      Ooww,😭😭 she's so cute when sheblost weight wow Guyz your cute no matter what size you are👍💛💙😜😔👍✌️ Oh see this emoji 👉👈👆

    81. Joel Mutagwaba

      How easy is it for a video to go viral?

    82. Tanvi Namireddy

      This reminds me of that one anime

    83. Pop Turner

      Skinny women should eat more and exercise to manage the excess calories. Nothing more disgusting to see than the sight of a skinny woman with tiny breast and no butt to speak of. Uhhh!

    84. Earn Money With Me

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    85. Chloe Tahmasebi

      nahhh this is messed up

    86. diana arce

      2:03 "i was over the moon" her:on the moon

    87. Lena😩❤️

      Hi I’m leena too

    88. Freya Delphine

      The betrayl of the best friend hits different when she has ur name 😩😭

    89. ~rblx berin naam	~

      Plz tell me how to get thin LIKE that!

    90. stupi! poopi

      what a horrible representation for +size women :/ she looked the same after “losing weight”

    91. Ysabelle marciaon

      The fact that the italian guy, freya's dad looks like the guys Leena "dated" at first

    92. Magician Poon

      This is literally my life

    93. jungwon



      Her: and i was dressed to inpress *also her: wearing the same thing she wears everyday :)*

    95. Christina Kollar

      I’m sorry there’s something wrong if you lose 80 pounds in one day

    96. Nysha Nicholas

      I am plus size too

    97. MOCHII

      Tittle:i lost 80 pounds" The thingy in the thumbnail:"i lost 40 pounds!" My last 2 braincells:what the f-🤦‍♀️

    98. Amyourli

      I love this

    99. Crystal has PR

      5:19 the italiano russian english accent