Måneskin (Italy Eurovision 2021) “I Wanna Be Your Slave” & “Zitti E Buoni” | Wiwi Jam at Home


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    Måneskin - Italy's Eurovision 2021 act - perform their original song “I Wanna Be Your Slave” and the Sanremo version of “Zitti E Buoni” during the Wiwi Jam at Home concert.

    You can watch the entire three-hour wiwibloggs concert here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=0TLgp...

    In case you missed it, here’s our interview with Måneskin following their first rehearsal at Eurovision 2021: geburn.info/zone/mdzVp5lz2l_PYKY/video.html

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    1. wiwibloggs

      You can watch our entire 2.5-hour Wiwi Jam concert here: geburn.info/zone/Y7ayndSqw36Zqsw/video.html

      1. Callenge Siana Lama

        Omggg i see this a lot of times ! I love this song ! 😍💘

      2. Silvia Pugliese


      3. Luke Fernandez

        Damiano needs to defend his title by representing San Marino next year because San Marino was automatically qualified thanks to Flo Rida at this year’s contest in Rotterdam when Italia is hosting next year. AND SPOILERS FOR EUROPE: SAN MARINO WILL REACH THE TOP 15 FOR THE FIRST SINCE THEIR DEBUT IN SRBIJA 2008 WERE DIMA BILAN (SERGEY LAZAREV’S HUSBAND) WON FOR RUSSIA AND SEE NEXT YOU NEXT YEAR IN BOLOGNA, MÅNESKIN!!!

      4. elisabeth nerolk

        @RenStarburst but he has a girlfriend already!

      5. Paul Camilleri

        @Ilija Janev 17xc

    2. Haters hate FACTS

      Back for the 1 billion time. And still waiting for a music video.

    3. Anna Abrate

      Che bello essere italiana!

    4. Anna Di Cosola

      Top top the best in the world. Thanks. Braviiiiiiiii siete il nostro orgoglio

    5. sunshine queen

      Taking clothes off in bisexual

    6. Lamees Xoxo

      BI PANIC

    7. ☕️⛓📜Harry potter 📜⛓☕️

      Бедный Дамиано ему пришлось сразу две песни вместе петь на разных языках

    8. весёлое время

      Кому как не мне 0:59 ага

    9. krua

      they are far from a one hit song band, i am glad, what a great song and a beast performance!

    10. Mimmo

      Damiano was born at eight January as Elvis...

    11. Eda Eda

      Allah kahretsin çok iyiii

    12. HERA the student

      God save my mind, whats that 😎😍🔥

    13. Jelena Seric

      I have a tv an tv im vocing jour song ven you winn an phone dhis song

    14. Владлена Полищук

      Это лучшее «mmmm» в моей жизни!

    15. God Rai

      This song is noice

    16. Ginevra Sergio

      Sei super forte

    17. Ginevra Sergio

      Ti amo tantissimo Damiano super

    18. Flesh_ka

      Да, это тот самый русский комментарий ;)

    19. GIADA


    20. Ivy LF

      1:02 i was not expecting that moan

    21. pye tranchy

      Cazzo finalmente un nuovo gruppo che fa buona Musica Viva il rock

    22. bamboo

      Freddy mecury is back!!!

    23. Chloe Mcpherson

      I have no idea what he’s saying in the second song but his songs are so good omg

    24. Esha _Sha

      мне друг очень много рассказывал и показывал, но я не вникала. после просмотра и ознакомления я просто теку~

    25. Melanie Beyer

      Freddy Mercury wäre stolz auf ihn

    26. Tanja Akrap


    27. Martine Kloostermeyer


    28. Mark & Cindy

      voor al het eerste liet vind ik leuk

    29. Sofia Rizzuto

      vi adoro

    30. Bonjour

      redem-PTIOOOON this cracks me up every time

    31. ART.nastya

      Мне нравится песня но больше мне нравится харизма дамиано, кстати не понимаю как Виктория не заржала со стонов дамиано

    32. Bracali Emanuela


    33. Nilanka YT

      I can't refuse it whenever it pops up in my recommendation 😃

    34. kourarq

      Ecco é Måneskin!

    35. Ferid Quliyev

      He sing from heart

    36. pelemeshka

      От этого "мммм- АГА~" и кончить не трудно)

    37. LordLorenzo

      He looks like Rah from the movie stargate

    38. Harry Tomlinson

      I’m lesbian but they’re all attractive

    39. Ha Neul

      1:02 🤰🏻

    40. Glenda Perales

      This is so Gold I can’t put it to words

    41. Zeynep Köse

      I won't get married if this song doesn't play at my wedding

    42. Constanza Garrido Villalobos

      "At first i was like mmm Damiano David 🥰🥰 as a joke but bro... I don’t think it’s a joke anymore"

    43. Lucas Manrique


    44. Andi Nuno

      damn, what a voice 👏👏👏

    45. Geo Person

      world thinks rock is dead but maneskin goes on

    46. Abril Barreto

      Mi mamá: q escuchas? Yo: musica clasica La "musica clasica":

    47. SassySteph

      I wanna have a Lizzie McGuire movie moment with this man right here.

    48. Hashtagsandtapas

      18th June 2021 👋

    49. Iago

      Vai Rossano , che si balla !

    50. Kurapika

      I'm so happy they are getting their spotlight, i used to know them since x factor but i lost hope about them becoming famous, damn i was so wrong

    51. Flo Dunne

      ok I’m gonna admit it, this is my 50 billionth time watching it

    52. Not Jar Jar Binks

      1:15 guy vibing in the background

    53. Арина Кондратьева

      Русскоговорящие,вы где?...мне страшно...

    54. Арина Кондратьева


    55. Ema 1307

      That one person that in 3 years will be like: "if you're still listening in 2024, you're such a legend"

    56. Angeliki Tompoulidou


    57. CraftyChinstrap

      Straight out of Velvet Goldmine!

    58. Жанна Остапенко

      0:57 1:02 так это я для себя

    59. 🦋aesthetic girl🦋

      all: my relax music is lofi hip hop. and you? me: måneskin - i wanna be your slave & zitti e buoni

    60. Ciska van der Goot

      Oh, I’m back again

    61. jfrusciantetube

      Is the guitar not playing live?

      1. jfrusciantetube

        @Matteo Parodi see e.g. 4:46, that sound requires bending. The first time there is some, the second time just picking. There must be at least a second track... but the sound is identical to the radio version, I highly suspect that guitar is not live

      2. Matteo Parodi

        It's a pure full live jam session

    62. Nastia Stepanova

      Ага 😒 Ммм агааа Я кайфую

    63. Chlørine

      So nobody’s gonna talk about Damiano’s breath control? It’s incredibly impressive!

      1. Gaia Powell

        4:10 - 4:30 was incredible!


      Καλησπέρα Έλληνες

    65. Cherry

      Его взгляд.....

    66. Андряся Мирная✔️

      Mega Crush Italian 🇮🇹 I love she I love Pop Music 🥰🤘

    67. elina ,


    68. enemy of the nation

      1:02 youre welcome

    69. Sonia Mazurczyk Bielanska

      Maneskin, the royal city of Krakow, is waiting for you the kings of rock and roll! Apparently you will play in Sopot, it's so far from Krakow :( Come to Krakow!

    70. Даша Умарова


    71. JoanaBx

      i keep coming back here

    72. Steffi Steffi

      Everytime when i hear Damian my Mind say: I wanna be your slave... 😅😅😅😅😅😅 His voice so fu**ing electric 😏😏😏

    73. PAULA Martino Martinez

      Damiano is unique although he’s giving me so much Harry styles vibes and im loving it✨✨✨

      1. Lou

        they’ve done a cover of kiwi and love Harry :)

    74. Exatc Nn


    75. Emma Habourdin

      Cause you could be the beauty and I could be the monster

    76. It's Martin

      awww it s so cutee

    77. Chimchim İ

      Yine yeniden burdayım...şaka gibi İtalyanlar yıllardır bizden bu yeteneği saklamışlar

    78. Ash

      i’ve seen so many people say they had better start writing more english songs if they want to be global but i really hope they don’t ever feel compelled to do that. if they stop making music in italian, it’s the rest of us who’ll be the biggest losers, not them. because as good as their english music is, the lyricism and depth of emotion in their Italian songs is untouchable. and i hope people can see the beauty of that beyond the barriers of language and they get to be international stars and keep making the music they want to, and be honest in their art because they really do deserve the world and more with that.

    79. Carolina Walker

      I come to see this video every day, it’s part of my routine now.

    80. Wanda Pérez

      Damiano el amor de mí vida🛐😍


      This band definitely has the rockstar vibe. They trust themselves that they 're holding their big guns back. Slave is much more a hit song than Zitti.

      1. stefan djordjevic

        @Charming nowhere to hide Great comment! I wish i can give you more likes on my acc :(

      2. Charming nowhere to hide

        Perfection doesn't exi... Damiano: Hold my nail polish

    82. Ali Oeo

      i love how no one noticed he said the word aesthetic wrong 0:18

    83. Кенжекан Шаршенова

      Оооо боже мой это песню никогда не забуду!

    84. Sean og Gallagher

      They stole the song from macom beggin

    85. ecvhr

      So I guess need to learn italian now

    86. Nikola Gosik


    87. Marco Lav

      Orgoglio Italiano! 💚♡💖

    88. Annamaria Caminati

      Se mi devo rompere i timpani mi voglio rompere i timpani con le loro canzoni

    89. Grande Lento

      Sì, ma intanto ITALEXIT 🇮🇹👋🇪🇺

    90. Bjv Bh


    91. оп оп живём


    92. carolina marquez

      los amo, vengan a Chile algun dia!!!!

    93. Filip Rogowicz

      This is just😩

    94. Ballet Day🦋

      ММММ НА ХА

    95. frackzy

      this is crazy good

    96. Alina Enache

      I'm from italy 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🍕🍕🍕

    97. elenkalena_k

      To jest zbyt piękne

    98. Nisrine Hamdaoui

      I love their energy❤️🔥🎶